Saturday, May 12, 2012

Filipino Bloggers Hub: A Simple Acquaintance Party

In the cyber world where all bloggers are moving in, it has become more challenging due to different trends that have been born from time to time in every click and tick of their finger on the mouse. As the blogger pursue their passion, they tend to produce more effective write-ups that are based on their experiences, observation and even with their own opinion.

Filipino Bloggers Hub

Today, blogging becomes a good portal of advertisement and online promotion because it can give a huge impact and it's so easy to access information upon clicking the publish button. In just one click, everything went to life as it was being shared and liked by others instantly upon being uploaded.

Given that bloggers exist every minute in every social-networking site as well as in the blogging platform. While giving the readers and other people to have the latest updates as well as entertainment in their web sites or blog sites. But wait a minute, did all bloggers who read other sites' blog knew the author personally or acquaintance? I think, not! Perhaps, some know each other while others tend to get intimidated or something as they see each other in different places. Why? Maybe because they never get a chance to introduce themselves to each other.

Moreover, the blogosphere in the Philippines is just a small piece of the universal blogosphere. Where it is so impossible to know the person one by one in a particular websites or blog site.  And so, bloggers created an event that we called “Filipino Bloggers Hub Party” to get a chance to see, meet and know the person behind  every blog that we read, follow and subscribe to.

On the 19th of May 2012, 1:00pm at the Central Colleges of the Philippines, bloggers around the Metro will gather to have a simple acquaintance party with full of surprises, giveaways, fun games and raffles.  This is the chance to meet and know other bloggers, and this is the day that all bloggers will unite and promise to continue what started intelligently as to give people good, and balance information that people want to know.

To all bloggers out there, we would love to know you more and see you in the 1st Filipino Bloggers Hub Party of the year!

Hope to see you there guys! :)


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Innovations from a Mom's Heart

“Mother knows best” is a line you must have heard so many times before. And why not? It’s a simple statement that carries a grain of truth; after all, a child is one who had burst out of his or her mother’s womb. A mother is one who has only the best in mind for her son or daughter. She’s one who’s willing to sacrifice much just to make sure that her child gets nothing but the best.

What if a mom has but an only son who is so close to her that she and other people call the son her shadow? All the more! He’ll be her precious one that she’ll do all things possible to give him nothing but the best.

Apple Morales and son, Aiden
Such is the case between entrepreneur extraordinaire Suzanne “Apple” Morales and 12-year old son Aiden. Mother and son are inseparable. It’s for a good reason that friends call the son the mother’s shadow. Where Apple is, the young man Aiden also is. As a result, they have a very strong link. He is the sweetest boy ever to her. And this son learns business from Mom pretty fast.

Apple left a lucrative job in the US with reputable global brand Lancome under L’Oreal. She started with the company while going to school at the young age of 16 where she first worked as a fragrance adviser then beauty adviser who roast from the ranks then account executive then became as a regional sales manager of both the west coast and the east coast. She flew with her son to the Philippines, with her appointment as National Sales and Marketing Manager for the Lancome under L’Oreal Philippines.

Apple Morales quit her well-paying job after all of 14 years of service in order to spend more time with son and to have a chance to apply her talent in business management to try to make money through her personal business. So Apple took one big, bold step: after a six-year tenure in the Philippines out of her 14-year career in L’Oreal. “Immediately after I left, I did simultaneous consultancies in the Philippines and in some other countries and then I put up my first business venture which gave vent to my self-expression and creativity.” She designed and marketed high-heeled ladies shoes for export.

“Simultaneously, I managed and got a franchise of ActiveFun, a pioneering company offering a children’s playground,” she continues. “With that venture, I found myself often in the company of children and my son was always with me. He would bring in clients to play in our facility at the SM City North Edsa,” she shares. “Basically, he would do flyering and he would invite children to ActiveFun.”

Please click this link of my recent post about how fun it really is at Active Fun! :)

Soyami idea started in active fun just originally to serve healthy snacks to children in her playground. Apple did R & D in her own kitchen and came up with nutritious and good-tasting soya chips. It was mother and son who brainstormed on what was to be the soya chips brand and they came up with Soyami—from soya and yummy. Apple registered a company under the name AM Global Works Marketing Corp., to manufacture Soyami Soya Chips. They love Soy so they experimented on soy products that was not yet in the market. These chips have by now gained the reputation of being a healthy snack option, especially among snack chips lovers. A healthy alternative to chips that are considered junk food and an option to fruits and nuts as healthy snack fare, Soyami Chips now enjoy the distinction of being the country’s first and only real soya-based snack. They then offered Soyami Chips in its three variants—white cheddar, pizza and original flavors—now available in leading supermarkets nationwide and in fitness gyms.

Soyami, So Yummy and So Healthy
Why soya? To this Apple has lengthy answers backed up by tons of research done on soya, among these: (1) soya is fiber rich and hence aids in the digestive system, (2) it is low in calorie count and sugar, (3) it is an excellent source of protein, (4) it has the most abundant properties of calcium and iron compared with other legumes, (6) it contains phospholipids, specifically lecithin, that is crucial for healthy brain cells, and (7) it contains isoflavone compounds possessing a substance called Genistein, that helps keep the body lean and produce fewer and smaller fat cells.

Thus, among others, soya can contribute in building healthy bones while producing hemoglobin or red blood cells needed for transporting oxygen in the body, a benefit that befits active and growing children. According to, the yield of protein from soybeans is about twice that of meat, 12 times that of milk and four times that of eggs.

Soyami Soya Chips, made of non-genetically modified organism (GMO) high in protein, no msg, low in sodium and low in calories. Soya prevents obesity, diabetes and some food-related diseases in any way, contrary to food with little or no nutritional value that contain high levels of flavor enhancers, saturated fats, salt, and sugar minus the required dietary fiber intake.

As for me, I love Soyami Soya Chips, you can read how much we love every piece in this bag of chips HERE, THERE and everywhere! :)

Never one to stop innovating, Apple Morales recently came up with 11 yummy flavors of delicious soya-based ice cream available in Soyami Ice Cream cart that are scene stealers at Festival Supermall. Now, both young and old can enjoy great tasting and nutritious ice cream without fear of ingesting so much sugar. Soyami ice cream is zero dairy, zero cream, zero eggs, zero cholesterol and low in fat. For interested to franchise, you may contact Soyami office at Congressional, Quezon City at numbers 215-9891 or 376-3135. For other soya snack products visit

Most of all, I truly admire Apple Morales. I admire her being a mom to her son and much more as a person. For what she is, or what she does. Definitely an admirable, dedicated, innovative and a beautiful woman inside and out. I could learn a thing or two from her. :)

How about you guys? What do you admire most about your mom, grandmother or other influential woman in your life? :)

Happy MAMA-marvelous and happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful, selfless mommies out there! Moms rock! :)


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

50 Colorful Years of Summer and Style: Make Your Own Havaianas 2012

50 is the new chic! So that's 50! 50 years of sharing summer happiness. 50 colorful years of summer and style. Havaianas just hit the half-century mark and has never looked better!

Last night, I took part in the Havaianas history with fellow Havaianaticos as the brand celebrates its golden anniversary in Make Your Own Havaianas 2012 Launch Night at the Rockwell Tent. It signalled the start of a grand celebration of 50 years of carefree personalized fashion.

The amazing sand art the MYOH 2012 Launch Night Photo Credits: Havaianas Facebook Fan Page
The Launch Night was crazy packed with exciting performances that perfectly paints its rich history tapping several vibrant and engaging mediums like music, art and dance. There was an amazing video of the history of Havaianas, beautifully portraying the place where a huge blaze of color and fashion started - Brazil.

Havaianas, the first flip-flops brand to offer pair customization in the country and they're extending another year of showing creativity, uniqueness and happiness into a footwear, it is not just about designing a pair of flip flops but creating memories. A summer event anticipated by all Havaianaticos! A viral brand of flip-flops celebrates it's 50th anniversary this year, they installed another mix, match and choose your straps, soles and pin event, "Make your own Havianas 2012".

From May 10 to 14, the Rockwell Tent, Powerplant Mall will house its grandest MYOH yet. So don't forget to enjoy this day with your family and friends.

You can create your very own customized pair of Havaianas by following these super easy steps:

1. Choose your desired sole and strap combination. Mix and match colorful straps, soles and pins, inspired by the brand heritage. They offer soles and straps in adult sizes only. Soles offered are Top, Slim, Fit, and MYOH Estampas in Top and Slim styles. Straps offered are Top, Top Metallic, Slim, and Fit.

2. Choose your pins to express your style and personalize your pair. Unleash your personality and create your own unique pair of customized flipflops!

3. Go to their extremely friendly staff who will assemble your special pair on the spot. If you wish to purchase one (1) pair, please proceed to the single-pair lanes but if you will purchase more than one (1) pair, you can proceed to the multiple-pairs lanes.

4. Head to the cashier to purchase your exclusive creation.

5. Claim your complimentary Havaianas flip-flops bag and bag tag at the cashier upon payment.
Thank you Havaianas for a new pair of happiness! :)
Walking in these slops are like getting  my feet high 5's  whooole day long baby! 
Here's my customized Havs! Simple pero rock! :) And I'm rocking my pair today. 
Soles: Fit in Hot Pink
Straps: Fit in Ocean Green
Pins: Happiness & Aviator

Spotted at MYOH 2012!   Photo Credits: Havaianas Facebook Fan Page  
FYI:  At MYOH 2012, we have more than one reason to smile because for every purchase of one MYOH pair with one or more Happiness pins, PhP100.00 will be donated to Operation Smile Philippines. Massive thanks to the fabulous people behind MYOH 2012  on working towards a truly great cause. Each customer is allowed to purchase a maximum of five pairs. 

If you want to take part in this colorful celebration of fun, happy fashion at your feet, then don’t forget to mark your calendars starting on Thursday, May 10-14 for Make Your Own Havaianas at the Rockwell Tent. Hit the beach in style, enjoy the sun and stand out with a personalized pair of flip-flops.

Head on to Rockwell, kick off your shoes and ditch the heels. Go grab a pair and slip on the Havs at MYOH2012. Then smile and enjoy the chill. Go out and spread the love & happiness one footstep at a time. See you all Havaianaticos!

Just a kind reminder to you guys... It's Mother's Day on the 13th and MOMS love Havaianas. *hint hint*

For more deets, visit them on FACEBOOK and follow them on TWITTER.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2012 Run United 2: The Runrio Trilogy Continues

Hey, Mommies! Another world-class race event from RunRio Trilogy begins on June 17, 2012. So mark your calendar and bring your family to the second leg of  the 2012 Run United 2!

I was able to join the 1st leg of  last year's RunRio Trilogy and I'm looking forward to join the 2nd leg of this year's trilogy. I sure miss being part of this race.

Unilab ActiveHealth invites moms and their families to take part in advocating an active and healthy lifestyle by joining the second leg of the 2012 Run United on June 17, 2012 at Mall of Asia.

Choose from any of the race categories and challenge each other to see how fast you can go. You can register your kids, aged 5 to 12 years old, in the Ceelin 500-meter dash, a perfect way to jumpstart their journey to fitness.
500m dash Singlet

You, your husband and older children can join the other race categories: 3km, 5km, 10km and 21km.
3k/5k/10k Singlet

21k Singlet
Registered participants of 500-meter dash, 3km, 5km, and 10km will receive their singlet upon registration. The Active Health race belt bag, bib with timing chip, and Riovana 10% discount stub can be claimed during the 1st ever Run United race expo scheduled on June 13-16, 2012 at BGC Grounds near Mercato from 12nn to 8pm.

 The participants of the 21k category will have a different singlet color design which makes the runners extra special, aside from the freebies that they will get during the race expo in BGC and the 2nd piece of the collectible medal and finisher shirt. A personalized RunRio Timing Card will be exclusively given to them they just need to present their old IPICO timing chip during the registration to get the replacement.

 21km runners will also get to enjoy running the Bonifacio Global City to Mall of Asia race route, giving them a chance to improve their PR for Run United 1. Shuttle service will be provided from MOA as pick-up point for 21km runners.

 “Active Health delivers Unilab’s vision of providing active health solutions for Filipino families,” Unilab Active Health Head Alex Panlilio said. “We encourage families to start or continue leading active lives through our events like Run United.

 Active Health Sport Events Executive Lester Castillo said, “As we have always done in the past, we continuously improve Run United series to give runners a better experience and encourage them to keep running. Through our partnership with Coach Rio dela Cruz, Run United has become one, if not the best, running event in the country.”

 As a testament to the level of commitment that Active Health brings to the runners, it has brought in the Team Bike Boutique, the official merchandise partner of Ironman races worldwide, to organize the Run United Race Expo happening on June 13-16, 2012 at the BGC Grounds near Mercato. The race expo completes the active health experience by gathering runners, sports enthusiasts and their families in this four-day event.

Runners can hang out with their friends while checking out the coolest and latest sports apparel. Fitness and athletic brands also present their latest products and services, including gadgets, running gear, among others. Coach Rio dela Cruz said the race expo brings Run United to a whole new level.

“Major international marathons like the ING New York Marathon and Chicago Marathon hold their own expos days before the event. Together with UNILAB Active Health, we look at some of the best practices from international races, and apply them to the Run United Series to further enhance the race experience of the Filipino running community.”

Registration for 2012 Run United 2 is ongoing at the following stores Riovana at Bonifacio Global City and Katipunan, Quezon City Toby’s at SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City and SM North The Block, Quezon City

 For online registration, check details at or .

Registration is until June 3, 2012 on a first come first serve basis. 2012 Run United 2 is for the benefit of Gawad Kalinga and Children’s Hour.

For more inquiries, check out .


Go Nuts Donuts: Proudly Pinoy that's More Than Just Great Donuts

ME: Your eyes are red, you been drinking?!
BRO: No. Your eyes are glazed, you been eating donuts?!
ME: Uhmm, yes! :)

Haha My brother knows me so well. Yesterday, I got a sweet treat from Go Nuts Donuts! I was anxious to try their donuts and I finally got to try it! Now, I'm going nuts and I'm craving for more Go Nuts donuts. :)

If this week had a scent, it would be of donuts, donuts, and donuts. :) My faves are the sugar-free donuts and of course, the peanut butter!
 Ever wonder what a peanut butter donut looks like?  Feast your eyes on this!  This peanut butter donut is my favorite! 
Ever like to have more than one!? Well,  say hello to Sugar-free Donuts! Now we can eat donut and not look like one!
I'm amazed how could one of my favorite things be transformed into a sugar-free donut and still taste so good. I have had two of them so far and I have been pleasantly surprised. I was sad that donuts would be a rare thing for my ultimate goal to have a healthier lifestyle, but now, I don't need to feel as guilty! Hah! :)

Go Nuts Sugar-Free donuts/Go Nuts Lite (as low as PhP 18.00 ea)  A no sugar added version with the same melt-in-your-mouth quality the Brand is known for. Go Nuts Lite has less than one gram of sugar, low in carbohydrates and high in fiber. It's available in two variants: Choco Frost and Amazing Glaze. No other brand in the industry offers sugar-free donuts. So, basically what I'm saying is that I can eat donuts without guilt now. Awesome. :)

Go Nuts Donuts is more than just great donuts! It represents what is truly Proudly Pinoy. In providing more than just great donuts they hope to encapsulate the comfort, convenience and the family environment.

Go Nuts Donuts (The Brand) has been around for the past 8 years and is competing against major donut brands such as Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Mister Donut and JCO. But among them, Go Nuts Donuts is the only brand that is proudly Filipino! And that is clearly a good reason why customers (especially the Pinoys) should patronize Go Nuts Donuts.

What sets Go Nuts Donuts apart from other brands? Go Nuts Donuts is proudly Filipino-made, using premium ingredients at a price that gives value for your money. The Brand incorporates local flavors into their products that appeal to both the local and international market. The Brand values its customers by providing them with the highest level of personalized service so they will come back for more. Its goal is to surprise and entice customers by introducing food products that will surely appeal to their taste buds.

Their latest innovations aside from sugar-free donuts are Pizza donuts! Yay! Pizza and Donut? How can these words even be in the same sentence? :)

Pizza Donuts PhP 36.00 ea. Pizzas that look like a donut but are 100% pizza. Available in four variants: Barbeque Pizza - topped with smoky barbeque sauce, caramelized onions, roasted bell peppers and chunks of chicken barbeque. Garlic and Cheese - topped with tomato sauce, garlic bits and mozzarella cheese Hawaiian - topped with tomato sauce, pineapple chunks, ham slices and mozzarella cheese. Pepperoni – topped with tomato sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese Recently, Go Nuts Donuts launched two supporting products: Grab and Go. Snacks wrapped in simple but fun individual packs and they can last for seven days. They’re wrapped in see-thru packaging; hence, customers can be assured of its freshness. Its extended shelf life also makes it great as pabaon for your kids.

Just good looped with fudgy loops!

Choco donut loops with gooey choco frosting and candy toppers. Available in Choco Peanut, Choco Frost, Black and White, and Chocolate Chips Pocket Pies  PhP 46.00 each Just like the Go Nuts Pizza, these are for customers who wish to have a “savory” experience.

Pocket pies! Just grab and go!

Pocket Pies are flavorful meat fillings stuffed on a glazed (flaky) puff pastry crust and baked to perfection. These delicious yet affordable Pocket Pies are great when eaten right away or as pasalubong. Available in three variants: Tuna - filled with chunky tuna goodness Pizza - loaded with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and meat and veggie bits Chicken - Packed with creamy chicken filling

 Needless to say. Pinoys are sentimental when it comes to special occasions and holidays. On such occasions, we are fond of giving gifts to friends, families and loved ones. With this in mind, here's a sweet treat to give for our moms this Mother's Day!

Make your moms go nuts! :) These donuts are made with love and it shows. :)

Cure your summer blues with these  refreshing Summer Koolers!

 Summer Koolers are all-natural, freshly-made ice blended drinks. So damn refreshing!

Go Nuts Donuts has rebranded and taken on a new logo and tag line: the Go Nuts Donuts Plus!

Furthermore, the brand has replaced the original tagline INSANELY DELICIOUS! with the new tag line: MORE THAN JUST GREAT DONUTS! Through the new logo and tagline, the Brand wants to convey to the customers that aside from donuts, it now has more food choices available for them but at the same time, it reassures them that donuts will continue to be the Brand’s core competence.

 In the coming years, Go Nuts Donuts will continue to innovate its products to satisfy the customer’s needs and wants while still maintaining reasonable prices and giving the customers value for their money. The brand is looking into strengthening its brand further and making its reach wider so that more customers will get only the best of what Go Nuts Donuts has to offer.

Let's go nuts, for  Go Nuts Donuts!

Go follow Gonuts Dnuts on  Twitter: #donuttalk @gonutsdonuts and go like their Facebook fanpage! 


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Max's Restaurant and Body Shop Pay Tribute to Filipino Moms with a MAMA-marvelous Treat for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is only a few days away. Haven't bought your mom a present yet? Busy? I guess we are so busy growing up that we forget that they, our parents (especially our moms) are also growing old. So why don't you give her a special & well-deserved Mother's Day treat?

This year, bring your mom to Max's for a sweet and MAMA-marvelous treat that tells you how you really feel.

Bent on ensuring that diners will have an exciting and unforgettable experience on Mother’s Day, Max’s Restaurant has partnered with global cosmetics and beauty brand Body Shop in coming up with a heartwarming surprise for the most special woman in our lives... MOMS! :)

Family members who will be celebrating Mother’s Day at Max’s Restaurant with a minimum spend of PhP 1,300 will be receiving a luxurious bottle of Body Shop’s Shower Gel - soap-free, lather-rich and fruit-infused! It’s the perfect gift to pamper MOM on her special day.

 “In the Philippines where mothers are respected for being the “light of the household,” people take the time to dine together as a family on Mother’s Day. One of the most nostalgic places to re-unite and celebrate with family has always been Max’s Restaurant. Mothers and family members, regardless of age, lifestyle and cultural background, find comfort in its homey interiors and the passionate service of the staff,” said Edgar Allan Caper, Marketing Director for Max’s Restaurant.

 Whether they are in the busy Metro or searching for respite in the provinces, the familiar inscription that reads “the house that fried chicken built” has always spurred a feeling of enthused anticipation for the scrumptious spread of home-cooked dishes and heirloom recipes that have been in the Max’s tradition for more than six decades.

 The beckoning smell of piping hot Sinigang, classic Kare-Kare oozing with thick peanut sauce, the crackling sound of Crispy Pata as one’s fork penetrates its perfectly crunchy skin, and the unforgettable experience of Max’s “sarap to the bones” Fried Chicken, the Filipino’s iconic dish - these are just simply difficult to resist. Cap this sumptuous meal with an exciting bottle of Body Shop Shower Gel from Max’s.

Catch Max’s lush treat from May 7-13 at any Max’s branch nationwide. Prepare to create the most touching moment for MOM on Mother’s Day... simply because she deserves it.

Sarap to the Bones!

For the most exciting updates about Max’s Restaurant, log on to or visit /maxsrestaurant to be a Max’s Restaurant Facebook fan. :)

Have a MAMA-marvelous Mother's Days to all mommies! :)


Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Official: UNIQLO is Coming to the Philippines on June 15, UT Vote & WIN a Trip to Japan

It's official! All of those rumors are true. Finally,the most-awaited fashion retailer will open stores in our shore! \(◦'⌣'◦)/ Uniqlo is coming to the Philippines! Yay!

Gotta start making your mental wish list, peeps, because the minimalist Japanese brand is boldly expanding its presence in the Philippines and it's officially gearing up for a landing in Manila on June 15! Actually, I already picked out some of my favorite pieces! :)

I'm bracing myself for the crush Uniqlo opening and I'm psyched to see the massive, spanking  brand new store. On June 15, the retailer will open a flagship store on Manila's biggest and one of the most famous shopping malls: SM Mall of Asia.

Here's my little girl lounging while waiting for the press launch to start. :)
Yep, she's busy! Really busy. :)

The UT hoarding wall at SM MOA makes me positively giddy and excited! :)

UT is unlike any other T-shirt. It is a tool to “make a statement.” As embodied in the UT Philosophy -- “A T-shirt is more than just a T-shirt. It’s an expression of who you are. Where you’ve been. What you love.  That’s the UT philosophy.”

Hello Kitty UT! How adorbs!

Going extremely bonkers over Orla kiely and Hello Kitty UTs for Uniqlo! Just how hip can Rockstarmomma get? :) And I'm so ready to rock those tees!

Love love the Lulu Guinness designs! Classic.
Superior, high quality fabric!
The first UNIQLO store opened its doors in June 1984. They proved the success of the SPA manufacturer retailer model controlling the entire process from product planning, production, distribution and marketing. UNIQLO enjoyed superb growth by providing high quality casual wear at remarkably low prices. 

UT shirts are more than just clothes! It's a clothing innovation. UNIQLO continuously innovate and ensure that its products serve a valuable function to improve one’s daily life. Noting the discomfort brought by summer heat, UNIQLO launches its new CLOTHING INNOVATION – AIRism.

Anyone would probably agree that summer is the worst time of year to be stuck wearing an uncomfortable tee. You can get sticky with sweat all over. Eewness! Thanks to UT's AIRism!

AIRism innerwear delivers cool comfort, and is light as air. AIRism is a new concept in functional innerwear created by UNIQLO for the spring and summer seasons. Made from ultra-fine fibers that regulate the circulation of air, AIRism innerwear feels so light and soft to the skin that you will forget you have it on. With AIRism, each fiber“ breathes” to release moisture from within and keep your body comfortably dry.

So why wear t-shirt when you can wear a UT?

What I love about my UT:

Universality + Function = Future Fashion :) I love UT's unique, simple, well-designed clothes. Exceptional high quality with expert tailoring.
Nothing beats Uniqlo’s AIRism that will keep you cool, comfortable & feeling light as air.  Perfect for summer! It's 36° but that's cool because I'm covered in my Barbie UT! :)
Incredible, affordable prices. And, at a time when consumers are tightening their belts, it also helps that UT is affordable, with tees that cost as little as PhP590 and other designed tees that go for PhP790.
Quirky, cute style and has a wide range of designs that captures people's imagination and desire for self-expression. It reminds me of a more hip J Crew, with a slapsh of Guess and Gap Clothing! Their line is FUN and they have the coolest screen tees! It's a complete statement of confidence, a brand of personal expression and a tool to make a statement.
Like cotton, only better.
One little UT + a whole lot of personality = HAPPINESS It's absolutely the best and most comfy tee I've ever tried! So now, it's your time to shine, and it’s time for you to step into summer comfort. Their tees are designed for just that supreme comfort and they're perfectly casual.

What I hate:
Uhmmm... absolutely nothing! :)
Made for all!
And lest I forget, Uniqlo's clothing is "made for all" and doesn't cater to one specific age group or demographic. Because if all people can look and feel better every day, then maybe the world can be a little better too. :)

Mr. Katsumi Kubota, Managing Director, Fast Retailing Philippines, Inc. 
"For UNIQLO, T-shirts are not just T-shirts. UT is a brand that helps peole express who they are, their character and personality. Whoever you are and what you feel, there will always be a UT just for you," explains Katsumi Kubota, Managing Director, Fast Retailing Philippines, Inc.

You’ve just heard me rave all about them, now’s your chance to check out Uniqlo’s UT for yourself FOR FREE!  Own it...and LOVE it. So cozy.

Win a UT or even a trip to Japan. Join UT Vote and Win promo. Simply LIKE the UNIQLO Philippines Fan Page. Vote for your favorite UT for a chance to win it! There will be 100 winners of UT T-shirts weekly. The winner of the Japan trip, on the other hand, will be chosen among participants who voted the winning UT design via electronic raffle and will be awarded on the opening date of the UNIQLO Philippines store on June 15! Plus, if UNIQLO hits 150,000 likes, more UNIQLO fans will have a chance to win a trip for Japan! Yay!

Lucky me! I have voted and I've won a Barbie UT at the event plus another Hello Kitty UT as token from Uniqlo! Yay! Thanks Uniqlo! 
So what are you waiting for? Visit their Facebook page to see the full line of UTs and pick 1 up for Uniqlo's UT Vote and Win contest  See deets at:

UT hit stores June15th! Mark your calendars guys! Counting the days! It's time for new tees! :)

Until then, start voting now and get your own UT!