Saturday, April 21, 2012

Getting My Grub On at BrewKus: The Bev-wich Shop

A gastronomic tower of Griddlecakes, Crisp Spinach Ravioli, Grilled Vegetable & Mozzarella, Shrimply Loaded sandwich and Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce.  If these menu items don’t get you in the mood for breakfast, you can hold out for brunch at BrewKus, the beverage-sandwich shop. This is one of the breakfast/brunch places in the stretch of Valero,  strategically located at the heart of Makati's central business district.

This high end sandwich shop is known for using top of the line ingredients and they serve delicious food for breakfast or lunch.

Crisp Mushroom Ravioli (P180)
Let's start with the finger bites or appetizers, the Crisp Mushroom Ravioli. Now this.. THIS is amazing! It's a  scrumptious mix of diced shitake mushrooms and cream cheese sandwiched in between golden crisp wanton wrappers that are deep fried to perfection.

Still has a crispy crust till the last bit, it's super tender, and they make a great rustic tomato sauce to go over the top. It's a must try!!!

They also have yummy, fluffy griddlecakes, 3 stacks drizzled with chocolate with hashbrowns and sunny side up egg. As you can see, the portions are massive and it takes up an entire plate. Definitely good for sharing and these are large portions that'll surely leave you stuffed and satisfied. :)

The Grilled Vegetable & Mozzarella (P250)

The Grilled Vegetable & Mozzarella is a medley of pesto-based shitake mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini, ripe tomatoes, grilled to tender perfection topped with a generous amount of mozzarella cheese.

Shrimply Loaded (P250)
Shrimply Loaded sandwich  is a succulent mixture of sautéed shrimps, garlic, infused with rich blend of asparagus in cream sauce cream and parmesan cheese.

Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce (P250) 
My personal favorite is the wild mushroom pasta... diced shitake and button mushroom in a cream-based sauce made even better with slices of proschiutto and drizzled with premium truffle oil. Only one word describes it... AWESOME.

You can pair all of these tasty dishes with the different blends of coffees, milk teas, and fruit teas available at BrewKus. Their coffee prices start at P80, teas at P70.  Served ice cold. :)

Caramel Latte
Wintermelon milk tea. Choose your tea latte sweetness level and add-ons like pearl, nata de coco or coffee jelly.

Lychee True Teas, freshly brewed tea infused with the sweetness  of fruit.

I was triply blessed to meet the lovely chef Shiela who also had a short yet interesting cooking demo of  how to make our own beer batter. The demo and  presentation of the food really spoke to me in regards to the extent of care Chef Sheila take.

I am very fussy on my fish, but this one had a beautiful fluffy and crispy batter on it, and when I cut into it, the fish inside was flaky, not dry and it's super tender. Loved it!

The ambiance is pretty laid back and the baristas were amazing.  
Lots of seating & spacious enough for group meetings. It has a homey, comfy kinda atmosphere. Also, the staff are very friendly, attentive but non-intrusive.

Bottom line:

This is a casual breakfast place where you can go for a decent meal with friends or family. Period.  And it delivers. Prolly one of the best breakfast/brunch spots in the city!

I'd definitely return.

Do visit BrewKus The Bev-wich Shop
Unit G-02, 139 Corporate Center, 139 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, 1227 Makati, Philippines
Mon - Fri:  8:00 am- 9:00 pm

Now tell me ... What's your favorite breakfast place?


Bo's Coffee: The Home of Just Roasted Freshness and Coffee Goodness

I was glad to be invited to Bo's Coffee Blogger's meetup. So even if it was scorchin' hot yesterday,  I ducked out for a caffeine fix, keen to check out the cafe. Hot afternoon for coffee yet I believe it’s never too late for a frappe or coffee. After all it’s always morning somewhere in the world. :)

Needless to say, I was taken aback by the quality and variety offered at Bo's coffee. It's a great place for people watching and a latte. :) They also have an extensive selection of beans for you to take home.

For the record, Bo's coffee is now on its 16th year of serving Just Roasted Freshness, and it has come so far from its humble beginnings as a six-table kiosk in Cebu to being one of the country’s most successful coffee brands. They now have 57 branches in the Philippines.

Nothing is better than the smell of freshly roasted coffee. If you love the smell of freshly roasted coffee, (like me) you can visit their branch in Bonifacio High Street because they do have a roaster there. Whenever I smell freshly brewed coffee, I just stick my nose in and take a deep breath.

On to more important things, the quality and freshness of their locally-grown coffee beans shows the big difference from all other coffee shops. Its beans, mostly from Cordillera and Bukidnon, are delivered to its stores soon after roasting so that you can enjoy the distinctively bold, roasted flavour of Bo’s.

Today, Bo’s Coffee continuously grows with Mr. Benitez’s passion to bring world-class coffee experience to the country. Bo's Coffee looks forward to even more aggressive expansion in the coming years, both locally and abroad.

The Green Tea frappucino + Biscotti Amaretto blended frappes! Don't worry bout these frappes I sorted them out. They were delish. :)
I'm a daily frappe drinker because my sweet, loving bro who is a Store manager in Starbucks, never fails to bring a cup of coffee or frappe from Starbucks. I've tried them all and I must say, the taste and goodness of Bo's is pretty close to Starbucks' frappes and this one definitely hit the spot.

Love at first bite!

On a sweet note, I would personally recommend the Super Moist chocolate cake.  It definitely satisfied my sweet tooth. The chocolate is so decadent, perfectly  light, moist,  flavorful, and not too sweet. A slice of cake can be shared between two people, but if you're a dessert-fan like I am, you would attempt to devour the whole thing yourself!

Super Moist chocolate cake. Yummy in my tummy!
Seriously, this one went beyond a chocolate cake! Every bite was a biteful of chocolate, I was in sugar heaven. :)

Blueberry cheescake
Blueberry cheescake.. this is legit and it's one of their bestselling cakes! I guess I just have to try it and walk past countless opportunities to get my cheesecake fix here one of these days.

The Biscotti Amaretto is blended coffee with biscotti and Amaretto Syrup topped with whipped cream, drizzled with dark chocolate and sprinkled with crushed crunchy biscotti. Perfect for summer!

Green tea frappe... how comforting!
As a green tea lover, I appreciate that they use authentic matcha green tea powder on their frappucino, instead of the typical syrup found at most coffee shops. It is creamy and rich, sweet and comforting.

Fruits & Nuts Trail mix
For runners and health buffs, try their Fruits & Nuts Trail mix. You might also want to try the sugar-free Coffee Vanilla Primo, Strawberry Freeze or Vanilla Freeze. Guiltless pleasures. :)

The atmosphere is delightfully satisfying and I had an awesome coffee shop experience. I love the fact that they use native wooden chairs and tables. Very Pinoy lang ang peg. It is located at 4th floor CyberZone, SM North annex, it's pretty small, but it's very clean and tidy. There are large windows overlooking outside of the mall which let in plenty of light in the day, so it didn't feel cramped at all.

The staff deserves special mention. They were not only goodlooking and refreshingly friendly, they seem genuinely pleased to see and serve customers.

The whole experience was lovely.  Everything was very affordable and I was all stuffed to the brim.  I believe a relaxing break is the key to the perfect cup of coffee and the best place to enjoy it is at Bo's coffee. Forgo your normal run to Starbucks, this place is about the same price, probably lower. And this place isn't over hyped, overpriced and overrated. Ok, now my bro's gonna kill me. Haha  ;p

Just took home one of these lovely mugs! Loved it!
Seriously though, this place brings a smile to my face and I'm already thinking of the next chance I'll have to stop by again! I might have a late night love affair with a slice of Oreo cheesecake and a hot cup of green tea.

So whether you need a morning pick-me-up or you are going in for coffee, cookies, cakes, or some other pastry that they sell, you won't be disappointed. Enjoy with friends over a hot cup of coffee or tag friends you love hanging out with!

Check out their website HERE and like them on Facebook HERE for updates on their latest promos and newest product offerings.

Stop in soon and give it a try! :)


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sugarleaf: A Haven of Healthy Foods That Nourish

I said to my younger cousin who is getting chubbier by the day, "You're a big girl!" She replied, "You too! So tell me something I don't know." I said, "Salad tastes good." :)

Of course, we were just teasing each other. She's one of my closest cousins and like her, I felt like pinching my own cheeks cause it's getting chubbier too. That said, we have decided to try to eat more healthily to lose weight. We usually eat tons of meat and junkfoods and throw in some healthy fats because our metabolism is crazy. We seriously love to eat. However, we know that we need to start eating more healthy... but first we need to eat all the junk food in the fridge so it's not there to tempt us anymore right? Haha Kidding aside, we'd like to become healthy eaters plain and simple. But my cousin hates eating salad or anything green and she also hates dieting.

Well,  I believe dieting shouldn't be miserable. We can still eat healthy and enjoy foods we like. Saying we can't go on a more balanced diet and eat healthy food will only make it harder. We can't just eat ANY food and stay fit and maintain our weight. I can't eat pizza or bacon everyday (although I wish I could). *wink*

I guess the best way to get in shape is eat healthy, exercise moderately and kill everyone thinner than us huh? LOL Please don't take the last part seriously. It's a joke. I know it's hard at first but it's doable to eat something healthy and yummy at the same time! And it's a FACT!

Foods that nourish..

Just a few days ago, I confirmed that eating healthy is doable when I was invited for a healthy lunch at Sugarleaf, a healthy-eats restaurant-store in Makati. It's a new haven of health located at MEDICard Lifestyle Center, Makati.

Angelo Narciso Songco
Angelo Narciso Songco, Sugarleaf's co-owner, marketing and business development head, gave a short yet interesting talk about the food at Sugarleaf. I've learned  that we can have healthier picks & choices and we don’t have to give up any of our favorite foods to be healthy.. just be mindful enough about the food that we eat and  how much we eat.

I'm not picky with food yet I barely eat healthy, finally I ate something new in my life. So I found something new and freaking healthy that I like better than water. :)

I also think I am becoming a Flexitarian! Now the question is, what the flex is a flexitarian?

To be honest, I had not heard the term flexitarian until Angelo mentioned that he's a flexitarian. So I googled  it and I found out that it is a group defined as “a vegetarian who occasionally eats meat; omnivore who mostly eat a plant-based diet but also eat animal meat occasionally." Hmmm.. I'm sure I cannot be a Vegan ever but it's possible for me to become a flexitarian too because I love salad as much as I love eating meat. That's why I thank Spanky for inviting me and I thank God I found out about Sugarleaf.

Sugarleaf has two floors, the ground  floor is a mini-mart where you can buy organic produce and healthy snacks, food products and a lot more.

Feel super with Superfood!
The second floor is perfect for an all-day dining! I love the place because it is cozy and the atmosphere is pretty laid back.

We tried some of their specials, and let me tell you, they were all delicious!

Dear Garden Greens Salad, Thank you for making me full. Love, Chelle

For some, it may look incredibly boring but for me it's a rainbow of colorful green and purple of beet root, carrot, romaine,lettuce and cucumber... all bursting with phyto-nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  I really enjoyed a hearty helping of fresh organic vegetables with a variety of homemade dips and dressings. I tried the 3 available dressings;  blueberry, lemon balm and passion fruit. The last one was my fave and the others just gave me a sour and weird taste.  The tossed salad of fresh-picked colors where the beets bring out a sweet, earthy flavor in the veggie, goes with everything.

Now these... these are yummy, healthful meals that you can eat to your heart's desire and simply get more and more health benefits.

Mango with Organic Pesto Php 148
A dish that pleases my eyes as much as my tongue.
Iberico Joselito Belota Chorizo Php 228

Norwegian Smoked Salmon & Dill Php 158 I love the chips to bits! :)
Wrap it up with some Goody wraps! Crabstick & Mango is YUM! Php 188
Smoked Fish Php 238
Mix Berry Goody Kefir-chia Smoothies PhP 150
Chugged and washed it all down with a few glasses of  smoothies; Mix Berry Goody Kefir-chia Smoothies, Choco-Banana Organic Soya-Chia Milkshakes and Strawberry Organic Soya-Chia Milkshakes. They're all refreshingly good and creamy, packed with billions of healthy probiotics and powered up with superfood. Yummy in my tummy!

After lunch, don't forget to treat yourself with guilt-less, low glycemic desserts and Jello's Coco-Kefir ice cream which is also available for takeout. 

Most flavours are vegan for lactose intolerant customers. I was able to try Jello's Coco Kefir Ice Cream and  Vegan Cherry Pistachio and Vegan Vanilla Bean.  The taste of the coconut milk in the Vegan vanilla bean  ice cream is so rich and distinct. You won't miss it! The texture is perfect and nutrition is not sacrificed as coco-kefir gives the creaminess and beneficial probiotics all in one go. :)

My cup of  Jello's Coco Kefir Ice Cream is bright, creamy and playful in color, this dessert can pair well with anything! Yummy!

Oh and don't forget to take home some sweety pies for your sweety pie!
So guys, rather than the typical bottles of beer, fried meat, canned and processed food, why not try something new that truly nourishes? Something healthy. For a change.

Nothing taste as good as healthy feels...Your healthy food choices have a lot to do with your overall health.. So let's eat wisely and feed our family with foods that nourish. Try Sugarleaf and you won't get disappointed.  If you're too lazy to go there, then I got good news for you because they have quick delivery too! Just call 2121212!

Will drop by at Sugarleaf soon... with my dear cousin of course!  SO guys, give this place a visit, because my friend, you will be a happier and healthier person once you have! :)

Like Sugarleaf on Facebook HERE and follow them on Twitter @sugarleafph.

G-2/F MEDICard Lifestyle Center,
51 Paseo de Roxas corner
Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, makati City

San Juan
G/F Health Cube Building,
226 Wilson Street, West greenhills,
San Juan, Metro Manila