For The Record: Maia's First Haircut

Ok, I know she's 4 & it's about time. Time for my daughter's first haircut.

After 4 years, we finally decided that it was time to cut Maia's hair.

I positively adore my daughter with a head full of curly hair at the ends, mine is more like a tangled mess. I was hesitant to cut her locks and I am quite obsessed with the cuteness of  her long, naturally curly hair.  But her hair has gotten way too long, it was getting a bit unruly and her hair were all over her face. Although I was never  too lazy to deal with her tangled mess, it seemed like it was awfully time-consuming because I had to spend almost 30-45 minutes on just untangling and brushing her hair and I had to condition her hair everyday to get it tangled-free. Sadly, her hair has gotten a bit out of hand and out of control! Besides, she asked for it. I was really surprised to hear her say, "Mommy, I want to cut my hair. It's hot!"

Haha So true, it's so freakin hot this summer, so hot I'm strongly considering having a Britney Spears moment and shave all my hair off. Yikes! Can't blame my babycakes if she wants a fresh new do! Oh, and lest I forget, she wants the Lady Gaga's hot pink hair. Uhmmm.. I had to skip that part though. I don't know where she  found out about her. I'm just glad she didn't see Katy Perry's blue hair, Rihanna's red hair or Nicki Minaj's green hair. :) Oh yes, I think the Power Rangers are back! :)

Still, my little girl's first haircut got me really excited. After all, getting my daughter's first haircut  was a good way to feel like I'm doing something with my life without actually having to.
Yay for my baby girl on getting her first haircut!! Such a big girl! :) 
I know a baby's first haircut can be a challenge because new places like salon and strangers like hairdressers can be scary for kids. Especially when that stranger has a pair of scissors! Kids are a little frightened about their first trip to the salon, but it is all part of growing up. Most of them would cause mayhem but it’s not like our kid will go out the salon without getting his/her hair cut.

But that's not always the case. My daughter's first haircut was a breeze. We went to a regular salon rather than a kiddie hair salon because I was confident Maia's not going to throw a tantrum and besides, she was the one begging for a haircut. Everything went well, prolly because she's already 4 and she was just as excited as I was. I never had to struggle to get her in the chair.. There's no screaming, no squirming and absolutely no wiggling. Yay!

I guess for those moms who are going to have her kid's first haircut soon, it's better to prepare your little ones (especially the toddlers and terrible twos) before cutting their locks by pretending at home first and then when you get to a nearest kid-friendly salon, you can try to make that first haircut moment a wee bit more fun and exciting by playing with them or by bribing them with a few pieces of chocolates. Most of the kid salons are decorated with toy cars for baby to sit in and they have TVs and games to keep them distracted during the "first cut". Make sure you bring them there at your child's happiest time of the day and he/she's not cranky, fussy or squirmy. You don't wanna get stressed out, do you? If you think you can handle the cutting and trimming on your own, then go ahead. But if not, go with a pro. Just make sure to check what is your preferred hairstyle for your kiddo and check if the hair stylist/hairdresser won't style your tot's freshly cut hair into curtains, or a Mohawk or that Bieber hair. :)

At first, I was afraid she will lose those lovely curls because I have friends whose  kids had their curls cut too short and then they never grow back the same, so I didn’t want that to happen... her curls are just too gorgeous for me! So I asked the hairdresser what length would be best for her. She said a little below the shoulder would be fine and she won't lose her curls. I was also thinking of what hairstyle will suit her but nooooo, Lady Gaga's hair is not an option.

She's hyper happy with her first snip.. That blow dryer gave that wild windblown look right after the haircut! Pretty darn cute! Loved it!

So there, the ends are still a bit curly yet her hair is much shorter now. This meant less tangles for me!  I got almost 6 inches cut off of Maia's hair. I'm glad it's still curly because I like it curly and I'm sure my girl's gonna rock her new do.

However, it's just sad that I got a comment from someone who said she wants the longer hair more, about keeping it long and not losing her curls, yaddy-yaddy-yadaa.... and that was in front of my daughter. I don't want my daughter to feel bad or get upset about it. Seriously, how can someone be so insensitive? I'm just glad my little girl didn't really care about that crude comment. After all, it's not worth the aggravation.  She loves her new shorter hair and I'm glad she's making her own decisions. I could get all sentimental or a bit sad but really? I'm not gonna ridiculously mourn about the loss of her curly hair. I really don't care if she lose her curls, it'll grow back for sure! If not, it's ok...

 A child's worth or beauty is not about how long or short her hair is, or how straight or curly it is. We just simply need to stop basing one's self-worth on appearance.

Trust me whether long or short, curly or straight hair... it's perfectly fine with me. As long as she's smiling, she's beautiful to me. ;) She looks absolutely beautiful no matter what.

Of course, it's one of her firsts! And our child's first anything is always a memorable and exciting experience. I'd be fibbing if I said I didn't shed a tear...  and I did save a memento.
 I took this short video, as well as some photos of the "cutting part"  moment, and I didn't forget to set aside a lock of hair. It seems silly but each and every milestone is precious to me.  I saved a piece of her hair for memento 'cause I believe her itty bitty curly hair is my lucky charm! :) True enough, it brings good luck because I instantly received good news right after her haircut. :)

Now her unruly, overly thick hair is tamed for the moment, let's see how long it'll stay that way. Any bets? Haha I can see how much my daughter loves her hair right now because she keeps on flipping her hair back and forth... and yes, she still wants Lady Gaga's pink hair. I'm guessing she has a serious addiction to Lady Gaga at the moment.

As for me, I can't wait until my hair is long enough for a messy high bun. I'm almost there. :)