It's Official: UNIQLO is Coming to the Philippines on June 15, UT Vote & WIN a Trip to Japan

It's official! All of those rumors are true. Finally,the most-awaited fashion retailer will open stores in our shore! \(◦'⌣'◦)/ Uniqlo is coming to the Philippines! Yay!

Gotta start making your mental wish list, peeps, because the minimalist Japanese brand is boldly expanding its presence in the Philippines and it's officially gearing up for a landing in Manila on June 15! Actually, I already picked out some of my favorite pieces! :)

I'm bracing myself for the crush Uniqlo opening and I'm psyched to see the massive, spanking  brand new store. On June 15, the retailer will open a flagship store on Manila's biggest and one of the most famous shopping malls: SM Mall of Asia.

Here's my little girl lounging while waiting for the press launch to start. :)
Yep, she's busy! Really busy. :)

The UT hoarding wall at SM MOA makes me positively giddy and excited! :)

UT is unlike any other T-shirt. It is a tool to “make a statement.” As embodied in the UT Philosophy -- “A T-shirt is more than just a T-shirt. It’s an expression of who you are. Where you’ve been. What you love.  That’s the UT philosophy.”

Hello Kitty UT! How adorbs!

Going extremely bonkers over Orla kiely and Hello Kitty UTs for Uniqlo! Just how hip can Rockstarmomma get? :) And I'm so ready to rock those tees!

Love love the Lulu Guinness designs! Classic.
Superior, high quality fabric!
The first UNIQLO store opened its doors in June 1984. They proved the success of the SPA manufacturer retailer model controlling the entire process from product planning, production, distribution and marketing. UNIQLO enjoyed superb growth by providing high quality casual wear at remarkably low prices. 

UT shirts are more than just clothes! It's a clothing innovation. UNIQLO continuously innovate and ensure that its products serve a valuable function to improve one’s daily life. Noting the discomfort brought by summer heat, UNIQLO launches its new CLOTHING INNOVATION – AIRism.

Anyone would probably agree that summer is the worst time of year to be stuck wearing an uncomfortable tee. You can get sticky with sweat all over. Eewness! Thanks to UT's AIRism!

AIRism innerwear delivers cool comfort, and is light as air. AIRism is a new concept in functional innerwear created by UNIQLO for the spring and summer seasons. Made from ultra-fine fibers that regulate the circulation of air, AIRism innerwear feels so light and soft to the skin that you will forget you have it on. With AIRism, each fiber“ breathes” to release moisture from within and keep your body comfortably dry.

So why wear t-shirt when you can wear a UT?

What I love about my UT:

Universality + Function = Future Fashion :) I love UT's unique, simple, well-designed clothes. Exceptional high quality with expert tailoring.
Nothing beats Uniqlo’s AIRism that will keep you cool, comfortable & feeling light as air.  Perfect for summer! It's 36° but that's cool because I'm covered in my Barbie UT! :)
Incredible, affordable prices. And, at a time when consumers are tightening their belts, it also helps that UT is affordable, with tees that cost as little as PhP590 and other designed tees that go for PhP790.
Quirky, cute style and has a wide range of designs that captures people's imagination and desire for self-expression. It reminds me of a more hip J Crew, with a slapsh of Guess and Gap Clothing! Their line is FUN and they have the coolest screen tees! It's a complete statement of confidence, a brand of personal expression and a tool to make a statement.
Like cotton, only better.
One little UT + a whole lot of personality = HAPPINESS It's absolutely the best and most comfy tee I've ever tried! So now, it's your time to shine, and it’s time for you to step into summer comfort. Their tees are designed for just that supreme comfort and they're perfectly casual.

What I hate:
Uhmmm... absolutely nothing! :)
Made for all!
And lest I forget, Uniqlo's clothing is "made for all" and doesn't cater to one specific age group or demographic. Because if all people can look and feel better every day, then maybe the world can be a little better too. :)

Mr. Katsumi Kubota, Managing Director, Fast Retailing Philippines, Inc. 
"For UNIQLO, T-shirts are not just T-shirts. UT is a brand that helps peole express who they are, their character and personality. Whoever you are and what you feel, there will always be a UT just for you," explains Katsumi Kubota, Managing Director, Fast Retailing Philippines, Inc.

You’ve just heard me rave all about them, now’s your chance to check out Uniqlo’s UT for yourself FOR FREE!  Own it...and LOVE it. So cozy.

Win a UT or even a trip to Japan. Join UT Vote and Win promo. Simply LIKE the UNIQLO Philippines Fan Page. Vote for your favorite UT for a chance to win it! There will be 100 winners of UT T-shirts weekly. The winner of the Japan trip, on the other hand, will be chosen among participants who voted the winning UT design via electronic raffle and will be awarded on the opening date of the UNIQLO Philippines store on June 15! Plus, if UNIQLO hits 150,000 likes, more UNIQLO fans will have a chance to win a trip for Japan! Yay!

Lucky me! I have voted and I've won a Barbie UT at the event plus another Hello Kitty UT as token from Uniqlo! Yay! Thanks Uniqlo! 
So what are you waiting for? Visit their Facebook page to see the full line of UTs and pick 1 up for Uniqlo's UT Vote and Win contest  See deets at:

UT hit stores June15th! Mark your calendars guys! Counting the days! It's time for new tees! :)

Until then, start voting now and get your own UT!



Any comments, my dear?