Share Your Best Julie'scious Moments with Julie’s Istoryahee

Kape't pandesal has always been a Filipino tradition for as long as I can remember, and for 30 Julie'scious years, Julie's bakeshop continues to give us yummy baked treats and delicious loaves of bread and pandesal every morning.

On its 30th year, Julie's Bakeshop recently held  an online campaign dubbed  "Julie’s Istoryahee" where everyone can share their memorable Julie's Bakeshop moments and can win cash prizes as well as bread certificates if you're one of the first 100 participants. They will be giving away P15,000, P10,000 and P5,000 to the top three best stories. Yay!

This is open to all legal residents of the country, 18 and above. It's so easy to join! Just follow these steps:

1. Share your memorable Julie’s Bakeshop moments online. Any scene that took place in and around Julie’s Bakeshop will do.

2.  Log in to Facebook and post your mini composition at the Official Julie’s Bakeshop blog site,

So there, do you have any Julie'scious moment? It could be that awkward moment when someone is watching you while you're eating your favorite cheese bread. Then you decided to share it with that someone. And that someone is now your special someone whom you share your happiness in each bite of cheese bread. Aww, how cheesy is that?

Or it could also be that fat kid moment when you drop your whole piece of Julie's ensaymada on the floor, and you don't wanna waste it because it's just too yummy, so you pick it up and eat it. :)

Or maybe that moment when you're hungry and you wanna eat but you just brushed your teeth, but you still eat that yummy loaf bread anyway.

Perhaps that awesome moment when you open the oven and the first thing you see is the thing you wanted to eat... a tray of steaming hot pandesal, wafting with a sweet, fresh aroma. Then you ask yourself, "How can someone resist the smell of the freshly baked pandesal? How??" *face palm*

Or that awkward moment when your standing outside Julie's Bakeshop and your crush says good morning and your mouth is full of bread.. Then she smiles at you and you smiled back.. still with a full mouth. :)

It could also be that awful moment when someone takes the last piece of pan de coco you mentally claimed. Then you pause for a moment of silence and you get loco just thinking of its fine coconut sweetness.

That awkward moment when you post a picture of yourself and a picture of creamy ensaymada on instagram and the picture of Julie's ensaymada that is said to be the mother of all ensaymadas gets more likes. Yay!

Oh well, there's a lot of good things and memories worth treasuring and sharing. Even I had my own moments and I'd prolly share one of my Julie'scoius moments too. That moment when I was thinking how to tell a drooling puppy beside me that, "No, I cannot share my pandesal. Sorry, deary."

If your story is included in one of the 3 best stories, your istoryahee will be  produced in a video that will be posted in Julie’s Official Youtube channel. Yay! These videos will then be judged according to the number of LIKES . However, contestants may only vote for their own entry or story once during the duration of the campaign. 

 Just remember though that all entries must be original.. Also, it should depict well the memorable moments or experiences, complete with suitable essay titles. You may submit as many unique entries as you can, but duplicate entries are not allowed.

This promo is until September 20, 2012 so hurry and join now! For more details, visit and don’t forget to like their facebook page:


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