PLDT MyDSL: Be Derek’s New Anna

Do you, guys, remember my preview post about Derek and Anna Banana? I'm pretty sure you’ve heard about the Anna Banana song that turned into a viral LSS a few months ago. Let me refresh your memory.. click and read my previous post here or simply watch this vid:

Well, guess what? The real Anna Banana commented on my blog post and she finally replied!

"Nice. I am the REAL Anna Banana and I finally made a video to answer Derek’s song. I hope you can watch and share it so that he will finally know. I never really liked him anyway!"
- Anna Benaza

Not only that, she also made a video to answer Derek’s song. Watch this:

Aww, that is sooo sad.. :( That pretty face don't match that nasty song and attitude. I bet Derek is so heartbroken. Sometimes, a pretty face goes away with a bad attitude.

But Anna, don't you think saying something a bit harsh like that is too much? Saying those words doesn't make you look pretty or smart, and judging someone simply by how they look or dance, doesn't make you perfect either. No, not everyone is pretty in their own way. Even your song is not so nice and so is your attitude. Sorry, girl, but a having a pretty face doesn't mean that you can have an ugly attitude.

I guess the myth has been busted. Just 'cause someone's pretty doesn't mean she has a nice personality. A bad attitude can mess up a pretty face. Agree? Breathe if your answer is yes, do a double backflip for no! :)

Still, I'm glad to know that Derek's family is there for the rescue. Indeed, the strongest connections are at home. Find out how Derek’s family came to the rescue and supported him! Watch the complete story:

So for Derek, this is my message: Don't regret when you leave or try to forget a pretty girl with a not-so-pretty attitude. You are so sweet and adorable and I'm pretty sure you'll find a better and prettier Anna soon. Why don't you look around, take a closer look and you might find your new Anna. (Insert extremely big, googly eyes here. 0.0 ) A girl might not be that pretty but confidence and attitude changes everything. Sometimes, it's not all genetics. A pretty face comes from taking care of yourself, being happy, and having a positive attitude. :) When it comes to girls, boys don't need a girl with just a pretty face but they need a pretty girl with a good heart and awesome personality.

So how bout my Maia to be your next Anna? haha She's the epitome of a true Filipina. See?

Aww.. but she's too young for Derek, huh? Actually, my daughter Maia is my best bet to be your next Anna but she's just too young for you, Derek. If only I'm single and waaay younger than I am right now, I'd love to be your next Anna. Haha

Hmmm, so how about my niece, Kee-ann? *wink* To be honest, she's the most awesome 15-year old girl I've known. She's pretty, smart, bubbly and so much fun to be with. That's my niece.

Here she is... :)

Would you like to help Derek find her new ‘Anna’ too?

Simply visit All you have to do is submit a video entry on why you should be Derek’s new Anna! If you win, you'll be part of the next PLDT myDSL commercial and also take home a Samsung Ultrabook. Yay!

I think I'm gonna have talk to my niece now. Haha Wait for our video, Derek! :)


  1. OMG. I'm 21 years old and I'm so KILIIIIIIIIIIG!~ <3 Hahaha.

    1. Aww me too! I'm getting all kilig whenever I watch derek's video.. Too bad the real Anna doesn't like him.. but Imma find him a new one haha


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