Guilt Trip, Anyone?

Any minute now, I’m planning to hop out and lay some guilt trip on someone for not making things right.  Although, I hate it when someone’s trying to be cute and play a guilt trip on me.  It makes me feel somewhat obligated, emotionally manipulated and well, guilty.  I guess it’s the second  worst feeling beside hatred or jealousy.  But it won’t hurt if I’ll try it once and see if it actually works.  It might be effective but it might be distasteful.

Well, I think it’s just normal for us to feel guilty sometimes, and to make someone feel a pinch of guilt as well. Indeed, it is something we have to deal with or live with. Hopefully, not for long. Although, it amazes me, how some people can lie to your face, and not feel the least bit of guilt. Until the guilt finally kick in and eat ‘em alive! I just have a simple wish for those kind of people though: "May you run out of toilet paper when you need it most. " Nah, just kidding. (Though jokes are half meant.) :)

So there, do you think guilt is a wasted emotion? Can we actually control a person with guilt, just to get them to do what we want them to do? Hmm.. I think the thing about guilt is, it stays there until the person does the right thing. I dunno. That’s just what I think it is.

So here’s my simple checklist to pull the guilt trip on someone:

Hi _____!

It’s been:
   ¨  5 minutes
   þ  Days
   ¨  Weeks
   ¨  Months
   ¨  Years
   ¨  Forever

You never:

¨ Text

¨  Call
¨  Write
¨  Visit
¨  Skype
¨  Clean Up
¨  Arrive on time
¨  Show support
¨  Hang out
¨  Give me a ride
þ Say sorry/ Apologize
  ¨ Flatter me
  ¨ Say I love you
  ¨ Invite me
  ¨ Pay the bills
  þ  Listen

I guess I’ll just:
   þ  Sigh
   ¨  Stare out the window
   ¨  Talk to myself
   ¨  Cry quietly
   ¨  Wait  patiently
   ¨  Eat ice cream
   ¨  Drink milk tea
   þ  Order the damned McDo Twister Fries
   ¨  Count the strands of my hair


After  this, I’ll simply forget the outcome, learn from the mistakes and forget the guilt. No more guilt trippin’! 

So, who else wants to go on a major guilt trip? Let’s just hope everyone going on a guilt trip (including me) to pack extra feelings. Remember, people, we all need a little sensitivity.  Period.

For now, I’m going to live my life and enjoy it without an ounce of guilt! :)


Any comments, my dear?