A Bit of Gushing: I love Globe!

Excuse me, I'm about to gush. 

As newer and even cooler electronic gadgets and nifty devices get released at what seems to be an almost daily rate, I thought of posting about a love affair with my long time lovey, that is Globe. I expected this boom in technology a long time ago. What I didn't expect to find was that the love affair I was planning to write about might actually be ... well, literal?

I'm a long time Globe user for over 10 years in one way or another. I've been using Globe eversince I've had a cellphone. I got the bulky yet trusty Nokia 5110 as my first phone with my first Globe number and from then on, I just went on my merry way. I've met a lot of gadget hoarders and mobile warriors and I felt like I was in the dark ages. I realized that I wanted a more up-to-date and newer phone so I kept changing my phones. Now, I'm using the iPhone4. As time goes by, my phones and the people around me are constantly changing. I dunno why, really. If there is one thing I know, my love for Globe hasn't changed a bit.

I'm in love six ways: (or maybe more)

Strongest signal strength, breakneck broadband speeds plus reliable & fast internet connection
Ultimate accessibility to keep me connected 24/7 to my family and friends
Exciting promos and sweet deals
Interactive online website
Excellent Customer Service
Globe Rewards

In today's overconnected world, I'd have to say... communication, as well as connectivity, is a must!

I can never leave home without my iPhone because I feel stressed-out, cut off from the world and somehow incomplete. Yeah, I guess that sounds a lot like the song or some kind of separation anxiety to me. It amazed me how a simple beep from my vibrating phone can be one of the most powerful, affecting sounds in the world to me, which is only a notch behind the sound of my little girl giggling. :)

What I like most about Globe is the connectivity, the signal strength and Internet speed are consistently superior. You can pull the plug on cable tv or the ac. I can live without them but don't take away my Globe Tattoo because it really slows down my productivity. I guess some people can't sleep because of insomnia but in my case, I can't sleep because I have extremely fast internet connection. I think sleep is for people that don't have internet at home, right? :) Seriously, I consider myself lucky for having Globe and I really feel bad about our neighbor who is currently using another broadband provider because I can rap faster than her internet connection. Sheesh!

Aside from a stable relationship, I think it's also important to have a wifi and stable internet connection. Globe has become my BFF, partner, lifeline, companion and, yes, even a Valentine. The man I love most may be seated across in a romantic resto, but his Globe Tattoo-powered, 16gb rival lies inside my pocket. :)

Tatto@Home makes me connected to my family and friends 24/7. Globe has the best coverage and fastest internet connection. I'm "blown away" by the network speed, which is good enough to do the job like video or audio streaming whilst editing video works just fine, with a bit of torrenting or downloading large files on the side. That being said, I'm very satisfied with Globe. I love the service I get.  Internet speed is a tad faster than any other networks. Some networks are just horrible in our area. So bad that my mom had to switch from Pfft to Globe.

I love Globe's *143# menu simply because makes availing promos a breeze. I don't have to memorize keywords anymore and they always have exciting promos and contests.

I also love their interactive website. http://www.globe.com.ph/ You can simply visit their website and see what they have to offer and then do some serious shopping online of the latest phones in no time.

As far as I'm concerned, Globe's customer service is exceptional. Talk2Globe online support teams are always there to assist you 24/7. I love the fact I can easily chat on the web or via Yahoo! Messenger or by simply reaching them through Facebook, Twitter or by email.

So far, I can happily admit that I am something of a Globe fan girl. It was unlikely there was anything Globe could have done that would have upset me. In the end, it has everything I expect from their services, and eventhough I've heard some complaints about them from some friends, I am completely happy with it.

My love for Globe is unconditional, and so are Globe rewards. I'm consistently checking my points and seriously contemplating on what reward I like the most then I just go ahead and redeem it. So easy!

It seems like a whole new generation is being primed to explore and navigate the world of technology. That includes my daughter who also loves Globe. Please check the link HERE to know how greatness starts at home with my little girl's moment of achievement.

If you are like me, then you have a passion for Globe and all the endless possibilities you could do with Globe. And hey, what's not to love? Breakneck broadband speed, a ridiculous number of sweet deals, hundreds of phone options, affordable broadband services, and a single monthly bill. Ok, the last one is not that exciting because I'm allergic to bills but I'm sure you all got the point. :) News flash: I chose Globe and I chose well.

Ok, enough gushing already. If you want to enjoy Globe and have something to uncontrollably gush on like I do, you have to choose Globe. :) Look, you are not going to be walking down the street and have wonderful Globe deals thrown at you. It just won't happen! You gotta have it to love it.

So spread the love. Enjoy your Globe, your way!


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