@Home: Where Greatness Starts

I would like to share a short story about my child's greatest moment of achievement and where it all started.

Being a mommy blogger, I use internet a lot that is why we are Tattoo-powered and we got Globe Tattoo Broadband at home. While I'm busy blogging, my four-year-old daughter is busy downloading apps like fancy art drawing and stuff from my iPhone. One day, she asked for crayons, colored pens and paper because she said she would like to draw the cat she saw on my phone. I gave her what she asked for and after a few hours, she gave me the paper with a big, silly grin on her face shouting, "Mommy, I'm done!". At first, I thought it was just a crude drawing of a cat. But I'm quite amazed and I was deeply touched when I saw that it was a drawing of a heart with a stickman that looks a bit like me, her dad and of course her, as SuperMaia.

I believe it's one of the prettiest piece of art I have ever seen. Priceless.

In her drawing, she said she's a superhero and she always tells me that she's going to save Mommy and Daddy from the bad guys and the monsters too. :) Of course, I honestly believe she's a superhero. She's so awesome I can't help but to believe her! I'm just waiting for her to turn into a Super Saiyan though. :)

Seriously, she has the power. The power to make me smile, to make me happy & proud and most of all, to inspire me to become a better mommy.

Believe it or not, I also used to think I was a superhero when I was a child. And I'm glad I am where I am today because I had someone who believed in me. I guess every mom or dad should know and do that as well 'cause every child deserves that chance.  I can imagine myself having a faith so strong to genuinely believe her in becoming a superhero. So I just let her act and think like one. Simply because a superhero is not afraid to fail, to help and to inspire people. I know it could be her stepping stone to achieving greater things in life.

Like Tattoo@Home, I also believe that nurturing a child’s potential can lead to achieving greatness. And the best place to start the road to greatness is at home!

Remember, my dear, great achievement equals superpower. There's a great power behind everyone. Everyone is destined for greatness. Some fall short due to lack of faith or by simply being complacent, and even a little child who wants to be a superhero has the potential to achieve great things in life.

As parents, we just need the determination and will power to go that extra mile in nurturing our children to achieve great actions, as well as to see some unseen potential to shape his or her destiny. Not all great things are created by power... it has to be felt by the heart. That is common sense at its finest. Although, I'm guessing common sense is so rare these days, it should be classified as a superpower. I wonder when they'll have their own action figures. LOL Seriously, all parents have a superpower. It's called '"supermom's super instinct" or "superdad's extreme vision" to see their own child's talents a.k.a. superpowers. Let's use it to save the planet from those lacking the ability to see the greatness of their own children. At home, we'll be the voices encouraging them to continue to do what they love to do and to never stop cheering them on until they reach the heights of greatness. Needless to say, the seed of greatness in a child begins to blossom when the parents is there to nurture and water it. All it takes is 1 degree of extra effort to let our child cross over into greatness.

As for me, I won't dare, for one more second, surround her with people who are not aware of the greatness that she has! And if ever someone says that my baby girl is not capable of greatness, I'll tell him/her to have a seat at our sofa because we have several seats _/ _/ _/ _/ (even the best seat in the house) where I can show them why I'm such a proud momma. Hah! That said, I will never give my trust to anyone who is undeserving of all the greatness that my daughter has. 'Cause settling for anything less and any ounce of negative thinking is not cute.

Now, here's my SuperMaia. See her in action. Don't turn your back, don't look away, and don't blink... you might miss it! *wink*

Did you see that? :)

Ok, I'm thinking of a cute caption for this one but I guess no caption can describe the greatness of this vid. Can't blame me eh? B'cause I'm her mom! :)

As a mom, I always try to motivate and teach her to take joy in every little things that she achieves, as well as appreciate her efforts for achieving the small things that she's doing at home. It's the little things that make a BIG difference, and those things, however small, makes her closer to achieving her goals. Also, it makes me one heck of a proud momma so let me brag about her for a moment here. I think my kid is pretty awesome because she's really good in memory games that she downloaded all by herself on my phone, as well as in drawing and a lot of artsy, fancy stuff. She also likes reading books and learning new things. Would you believe cleaning our house, washing the dishes or folding the clothes are some of our bonding time at home? More than that, she has a nice personality. She's very friendly, cheerful and she NEVER try to bully or fight with other kids. She also knows how to say "I'm sorry, mommy." when she knows she has done something wrong. I seriously think that those things are worth bragging about and with how she imbibes these values in such a tender age, I see a lot of potential in her.

I believe that God has blessed me with so many great things and great people. That definitely includes my daughter. There's no rush to her journey to greatness though, I just gotta let her take one small step at a time.

Now, here's how my superhero goes back to being my little, sweet girl, Maia. :)

Indeed, home is where greatness begins. Also, every child is created to be more than average. At home, there's a room full of potential, and there's nothing, but greatness of epic proportions. God gives us home for us to measure our greatness in terms of the quantity and quality of love we are able to show our children. Discover their gifts and talents. Unlock their potential. Tap into their greatness! Just look closely to whatever they enjoy doing at home, depending on which elemental "superpower" he/she is currently channeling at the moment. ;)

I truly believe naming your child with a unique but powerful name sets the pace for them to be exceptional. That is why, at home, I call her SuperMaia. She is Tattoo-powered, an artist and a superhero at heart. :) True story.

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