Introducing the New OPM Sweetheart, Emmanuelle

With her sweet voice, amazing songwriting talent, prettyface, new teen singer Emmanuelle is poised to be OPM’s newest sweetheart. Herself-titled debut album, produced by Universal Records, is out to prove justthat.

The young singer expressed excitement over the release ofher debut album saying, “this is really a dream come true for me. It feels likeI’ve been given this rare chance of introducing myself to everyone through mymusic.”

Emmanuelle wrote the album’s carrier single Happy, a catchy, feel good song thatwill line her up along the industry’s finest groundbreaking artists, along with Zia Quizon and Somedaydream.

She expresses gratitude to Universal Records for producingan album for a newbie like her, amidst the problems of the music industry.

“Emmanuelle is such a gifted artist,” says actor Sam Milby.“She really can do everything- sing, act, dance, and write good music. Thiswill surely be a treat to music fans all over the country.”

Champion singer Erik Santos, on the other hand, complimentsEmmanuelle’s voice saying how sweet, ear-friendly it is.

The album also features ManongGuard, a duet with OPM pop rock princess Yeng Constantino.

Masaya talaga ako nanakasama ako sa album na ‘to,” admits Yeng. “I am extremely happy thatEmmanuelle has been given this chance to record some songs that she wroteherself – dun sa aspect na yun, pareho kaming singer-songwriter.”

Aside from Happy, Emmanuellepenned songs like Dear Diary, and Tonight. She also interpreted songs of Ito Rapadas (Sandali Lang) and Jude Gitamondoc (Sarap Mabuhay). She also has her rendition of the hit ballad God Gave Me You.

Aside from being a gifted singer and songwriter, Emmanuelleis also a promising guitar player.
Emmanuelle is being managed by Cornerstone Talent ManagementCenter (
Follow Emmanuelle on twitter:@xemmanuelle
Emmanuelle’s Track List:
1. Happy
2. Dear Diary
3. Tonight
4. Manong Guard with Yeng Constantino
5. Sandali Lang
6. Sarap Mabuhay
7. God Gave Me You

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