Someday Dream: Just a Daydream Away for a Bigger 2012

A new face with a fresh new sound of Pinoy pop music poppin' like a popcorn was delivered to a hungry public early last year. This fresh new music comes from the newest campus crush ng bayan who goes by the name "Someday Dream" a.k.a Rez Toledo.

Yes, he's the cute chinito guy, pegged as the Philippines' very own version of Owl City. A local electropop act in the vein of Owl City and The Ready Set who is currently making HUGE waves in the local FM stations. He's 1/2 man, 1/2 amazing.

2011 was a BIG year for Somedaydream and I've heard a BIGGER 2012 for OPM's ground-breaking artist Somedaydream is in order.

The 20-year-old Atenean’s first single, “Hey Daydreamer,” got the #1 spot of both Pinoy Myx Countdown and MYX Hit Charts year-ender edition. It was also RX 93.1's "Song of the Year" and also made him "OPM Artist of the Year". He was also awarded by Yahoo Philippines as Breakthrough Artish and Icon of the Year.

“You and me, sitting on a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G.”

There are some songs in life that make you sing a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little bit better... this song is one of them and it is still stuck in my head. It became more of an LSS song as it is heard in the popular TV commercial of Cornetto ice cream. My fave commercial so far. :)

It's all over the airwaves and its electro beats and catchy lyrics is infectious. Viral. It's like a drug, and I'm addicted to this song. But the side effects are all good because it puts me in a good mood.  Just once I'd like to see a drug commercial that says,  "Side effects: May cause extreme awesomeness and happiness." :)

That kind of happiness you get when you're daydreaming or when you're simply listening to this song. Ever had that awkward moment when you come out of a daydream and realize you're staring at someone? Or that awkward moment when you're listening to the song you love "Hey Daydreamer" then your brother changes the radio station? Pissed off? I was. I almost gave him a roundhouse kick to the face and nearly had myself throwing a brick at him. That awkward moments. Oh and I had no idea there were so many awkward moments in life though.... until I joined Twitter. LOL

Going back to last night's event, I had a blast at Somedaydream's 1st Blogger's Meet-Up at Blue Onion Bar and Restaurant. Rez is undeniably cute and very talented, so to speak. He writes songs, records and performs all by himself. One-man band baby! :) His first album titled Someday Dream contains seven songs that he wrote himself. When asked about what kind of music he plays, Rez says it's electronica-synth pop. Just so you know, electronic pop or Synthpop music are songs wherein synthesizers and electronic instruments were dominantly used in creating the music. This music genre has been around in the music scene for quite some time now but people haven't been paying much attention to it.

Here's the complete track list of Rez's album, Someday Dream:

1. Prelude

2. Hey Daydreamer

3. Do-do With You

4. Delivery Boys

5. Break

6. Sing This Song

7. Hey Daydreamer (Acoustic)

Needless to say, things get bigger this 2012 for this talented singer whose meteoric rise is a breathe of fresh air in the OPM scene. Also, you must be wondering why he chose the name "Someday Dream". It's simply because he likes the name Someday Dream. It means ambiguous and has a lot of meanings.

His mentor and manager is a hottie I'm sure you love, too, former frontman and vocalist of the band Hale turned solo artist, Champ Lui Pio.

"Everything happened so fast and it's really exciting," Somedaydream said. "I'm definitely looking forward for more great things this year and you should watch out for that."

On a lighter note, he plays guitar, bass, synth and piano. He also likes searching for new gadgets during his spare time. As for the girls out there who spend almost half of their waking hours daydreaming about him and listening to his songs, I'm pleased to let y'all know that he's SINGLE.. meaning, he's neither taken... nor taken for granted. :) He says his ideal girl is.. "Someone I can always talk to. I think communication is definitely a big thing." So you go girls! :)

But for now, fans a.k.a. "dreamers" can catch him live on his mall shows this Saturday, February 11 at SM Las Pinas; Saturday, February 18 at SM Bicutan; Sunday, February 19 at SM Marikina and Saturday, February 25 at SM Sucat. Show starts at 5ish. Grab a copy of Somedaydream's self titled debut album for only PhP250 and have it signed and meet him after the show.

Somedaydream's album is now out in CDs exclusively available in all Astroplus branches under Mecca Music and MCA Music. It is also available digitally via for PhP25 per song. Special thanks to Pinoy Magazine,, Selecta Cornetto, Bose, Keds and Terranova.

Watch for news about Somedaydream’s music in his Facebook fanpage and follow him on Twitter: Sdrez.

Woh oh oh oh-woh-oh
Woh oh oh oh-woh-oh

*Battery low* My laptop is dying. Time to become a ninja while "Delivery Boys" is playing on my iPod. I'm pretty sure if ninjas made money, I'd be on a completely different career path right now. Garagow.

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