Saturday, April 30, 2011

Style and Soul's Blogoversary GIVEAWAY

Style and Soul's Blogoversary GIVEAWAY

Style and Soul is giving out some love to all its readers/followers! The blog birthday blowout wasn't organized in order for her to gain more followers. Just a small gift-giving for everyone for her blog's birthday! She's giving away not 1, not 2, but 3 fab prizes to boot! :D

Here are the loots and goodies!
For the first prize...

1) Auxmanila biker jacket, 2) Paradigm Shift shirt, 3) Auxmanila printed harem pants, 4) Flattering Tops loose shirt,
5) Flattering Tops jeggings, 6) Fab Manila reversible denim-printed bag, 7-8) Flatterbuy pink turban & floral turban
9) Unique Creations charm bracelet, 10) Anagon rings (2pcs), 11) Saint Rebel Street accessory loot,
12) Fab Manila luggage tag, 13-14) Penshoppe notebook & hand gels (2pcs)

15) P1,000-worth of GCs from Gold Dot, 16) 2pcs of 30% off coupon from Trunk Show,
17) Popjunklove embellished tee and ensemble/accessories from the model (see options here)

If you want to see the mechanics for the second and third prize, click here and wipe your mouth if u drool! LOL

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

{April} swatch giveaway

Reblogged from Domestic {cherry}

Domestic {cherry} has an April giveaway now. This is a nice package consisting of everything a girl needs. There’s a watch, a gunmetal bracelet, and a set of body care products from the US. Retail value, approx P5,000. She also opened this to her Facebook likers and Twitter followers. So if you’re not a follower yet, do follow her now. Instructions after the photos of the prizes.

Sweet eh?

If you'd like to join her giveaway click click here for the deets and don't forget to...

Connect with me via Google Friend Connect on her other blogs: 1716south & Secondhand Philosophy.

Then Subscribe to these blogs, 1716South, Secondhand Philosophy & Really Interesting Projects via email.

So what are you waiting for, enjoy and savor the month of April now! :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

GLICH'S LIFE: WinilaCity Presents Philippines

WinilaCity is partnering with GLICH'S LIFE in promoting their new website. They're giving away Php1,000 worth of Pancake House gift certificate to one lucky participant!

I love Winila.. it's a group-buying website in town that offers great deals at amazingly huge discounts . It also offers online auctions for the latest gadgets, games, and lifestyle products.

Read more:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Twinners Reviews & Giveaways: Canon PowerShot A495 Giveaway

The Twinners Reviews & Giveaways is super close to 1000 Google followers and 1000 Twitter followers, so they decided to do a special giveaway! and they're giving away a brand new Canon PowerShot A495 t to one of their readers. Whoever that winner, he/she must be really lucky to get it! Lol And, if they get to 1500 followers on BOTH Google AND Twitter by the April 30th deadline, they'll do a separate drawing for a $25 gift card to! wowza!
I know you want it.. ~wink~ So what are you guys waiting for? Click here for more deets!
Good luck!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Unboxed from Unbox: Somnio Running Shoes Blogger Contest

I am a soon-to-be 30 year old female, a stay-at-home running mommy, and started running a year ago. I'm not a fast runner, I am content with joining the races and just the simple pleasure of just running to slow down my life and to fight the urge to stop. My good health is my reward and I plan to keep running until I get older than old. Then I've read about the Somnio Running Shoes Blogger Contest.. I've never been the type to lust and drool over shoes but the runner in me wanted to so here it goes!

So why do I want to own a pair of Somnio Mission Control running shoes (aside from the fact that I'd love to buy one but I can't afford to buy a running shoes worth P7,000+ lol)? and what will I do with the shoes? Well, let me explain further:

1. I want to own a pair because I am a mommy runner and I am in love with this shoes. It looks like a lot of a love goes into handcrafting these piece of art and I will be rocking these kicks with the love that they deserve!

2. I also discovered that I am more comfortable with the comfort, motion control and flexibility in a shoe. I’ve suffered from sprains and ankle injuries and it looks like the Mission Control series, being the world's first fully customisable running shoe, is the right shoes for me and it sure looks like the perfect way for me to venture into this new world. Things have changed a lot in the past years and I am looking forward to many more years of discovery with this new pair.

3. I just learned today that Sonio means Dream in latin and this pair is just too good to even dream about for a dreamer like me. :)

4. Just 'cause I like and not just want…but NEED these shoes. On top of that, it's so hard for me to find the right running shoe and I don't want to become one of those runners who run and go their whole running lives without ever having the right running shoes. I got a good feeling this is the right one for me! hehe

5. This would be perfect timing cause the current running shoes I currently own are completely trashed, worn out & desperately in need of replacement .. and a much better one that could stand up to some serious pounding to come out…and with some form of divine intervention, here's the Somnio Running shoes! Praise the Lord! :)

6. I will surely finish a marathon with this pair of shoes. It's a great way to inspire myself to run and to take one step closer to my dream of becoming a marathoner! Akshuli, I would love to complete my first full marathon in a nice pair of Somnio running shoes! And what’s more fitting than wearing these awesome shoes in my quest to becoming a certified marathoner? ;p

7. I would be ‘walkin’ up and down at the treadmill in the gym with this kick-butt shoes.. it's a great motivation to hit the gym more often! I would be walking tall around the gym and even in dance sessions in those shoes! I'm sure it would really help shape up my big behind! LOL

8. I have left bits and pieces of my old running shoes on my past races. I have many more miles to run, trails to explore, and roads to conquer. I could use some Mission Control on my feet!

9. I ’d be walking EVERYWHERE with them! and I mean I'll wear 'em pretty much all over the place! In the mall, around the house, at the park, at the grocery store... And this summer, they would be joining on my trail runs. roadtrips and short treks too. I'm guessing we'll be goin places baby! :D

10. I’ve been eyeing these shoes for sometime, but haven’t had the financial grounds to indulge. So, I would definitely sport them around and I would prolly get myself a tat. If that would make you pick my name. hahaha

11. Last but not the least, it would be the best birthday gift ever! I know I deserve one... hihi I just know it! LOL Simply put in a short poem...

I'm a mommy on the run everyday
Running to catch up, running late..
Running for errands, running to feel alive.
Sometimes I run in circles, sometimes the days just become a blur.
I’m on the run everyday and so I need this Somnio running shoes for my birthday! :D

Sheesh! I know I'm not good with rhymes and poems but I'm def good on sharing the love so if you'd like to own a pair of Somnio Running Shoes too from Unbox, click here for more deets!

Check out Unbox PH Facebook Page and the Unbox website!

Oh and find out more about the awesomeness of Somnio running shoes in this vid guys!

Contest Giveaway: Win Underarm Laser Hair Removal Voucher (valued at P2,000)

Here's another Contest Giveaway from LEVYousa, the girl who wants to explore everything and levitate! :)

Win Underarm Laser Hair Removal Voucher (valued at P2,000)

She's giving away 2 vouchers for Underarm Laser Hair Removal at Le Californian Beau & Californian Beau Medical Spa. How cool is that?!

NOTE: The voucher is valid until JUNE 21, 2011 ONLY!!!

Visit their website here:

So, what will you need to do to snatch this voucher from her? Just click here for more deets! click click! :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Contest Alert: Win Php 1,000 Worth of Pancake House GC!

Contest Alert: Win Php 1,000 Worth of Pancake House GC!

partners with A Woman Remembers and we're giving away one Php1,000 Pancake House gift certificate!

Here are the Contest Mechanics:

1. Like WinilaCity Philippines on Facebook.
2. Register at WinilaCity (this is your chance to win a MacBook)
3. Share this contest via Facebook and tag @WinilaCity Philippines. Post this on your Facebook wall/profile page -

"Like @WinilaCity Philippines and register at to win a Mac Book! Plus, WIN 1,000 Pancake House GC from A Woman Remembers!"

Make sure your profile is set to everyone.

4. Post a comment below with your Name, Email and link to your entry.

If you want to know more... click here for more deets! click click!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Something for Ichigo Giveaway

Calling all Ichigo lovers out there! Drowning Equilibriums teamed up with Ichigo to share with you guys this new and exciting SFI line in the form of a giveaway!!!:) The winner can choose any design and can claim the item at the Coachella bazaar or they can have it shipped. Winner also get free tickets to the event! How cool is that?:) Best part? The mechanics are as simple as a-b-c.

1. Must be a follower of Drowning Equilibriums via google connect or bloglovin.
2. Add Ichigo on multiply and facebook.
3, Just retweet, share on facebook or repost on your blog. (Include link in your comment/entry).

That's it! Contest ends on April 7 so if you're interested, click here!

Summer with Penshoppe GIVEAWAY!

Here's a summer with Penshoppe GIVEAWAY from Drowning Equilibriums and Penshoppe!

Just drooped by Penshoppe yesterday to get this lovely indigo blue bikini that I got from Penshoppe and Earthlingorgeous! So haute! I only wish I can have her sexy bod too! lol Hoh well..So yeah.. the store manager in Glorietta who is very accomodating also gave me discount cards and hers perfume! and Ahlovet! :) I also get to check out their new arrivals. Saw a lot of cool summer items and a handful of nice pieces on sale! I've always loved Penshoppe cause their designs never run out of style and so fasyon as always! :)

Penshoppe is giving away 3 GC's worth P1000 to 3 lucky winners to be drawn via Winners also get a his & hers perfume! :)

So if u wannna win this, click here pronto!

For Ichigo lovers, you might like this Something for Ichigo giveaway too! :)