Here comes Summer! Avon Philippines' Summer Fun Plan 101

Here comes Summer! As the sun shines, so should your skin with Avon's Skin So Soft Whitening Hand and Body Lotion.. If you want some fun, be an Avon Philippines fan here!

Planning for summer vacay is half the fun! On the other hand, some people wants to be spontaneous with no plans whatsoever. However, a little bit of planning won't hurt right? And who wants to waste precious time looking and endlessly searching when that same time could be better spent on the beach!? Weee! Can't wait to hit the beach!! Here's a piccie from last summer. ;p I sure hope I can go beach bumming again this summer!

Here's what you need to know:

1. The Destination: Choose wisely.. should not be beyond your budget! The duration of your vacation, the fun factor and the safety if it's too far away are just some of the deciding factors.

2. The People/Person you'd like to take with you! Make sure they love having fun too or else, your vacay would be epic fail. hehe And if you like having party party with friends, you will surely end up with a loooong list! *wink*

3. You! You! and you! Did I just say you? LOL Heck yeah, you should get yourself ready too! As the sun shines, you should shine too with white, radiant and soft skin. You should try Avon's Skin So Soft Whitening Hand and Body Lotion to get yourself ready for summer! It works wonders!

As for me, one of my summer plans is to go to Boracay with my family 'cause I am so ready to shine even under the scorching heat of Mr. Sun with Avon's SSS Soft and White Protect and Enhance Whitening HBL, simply by giving me the protection from the sun's harmful rays and giving me the confidence that I still look and smell good whenever, wherever. I love it because it goes on through the deepest pores and stocks the moisture there. It leaves my skin smooth and radiant and that will surely make me shine this summer!

To a perfect summer vacay! Cheers! :)


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  2. love it marse.. looking forward to summer beach bumming din.. i wish! hehehe


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