Coca Cola Any Concert Anywhere in the World Raffle Promo- Blogger Edition

Mmmm.. this is my favorite thirst quencher! A refreshing ice cold bottle of SAKTO right off the ice!!! It's summer and I can't think of summer without thinking of it! There's nothing like an ice cold bottle of Coke Sakto to quench the thirst on a hot, summer day. It looks and costs so little but it means so much for a big thirst! When the searing, dry heat of the sun makes just the thought of this freezing bottle the must-have thirst quencher of all time. I can face the sun refreshed and it's sooo good even to the last drop. That's why we never run out of Coca Cola products in our store and Tapsihan "City Taps" because it's the most saleable and sought-after drinks!
As a licensed physical therapist, I say, "Coke is the best refreshing and invigorating drink which serves as a remarkable nerve and brain tonic and therapeutic agent for headache, fatigue, exhaustion this hot summer.

As an entrepreneur and tindera, I say," Coca Cola products are the best and most indispensable products in the market today because they never fail to offer the consumers the best drinks they deserve. It is a fact that can't be denied (because thirst can't be denied). :)

As a blogger/writer, drinking a bottle of Sakto while writing this pretty piece of flash report, err I mean blog, makes a flow of thought easier, clears my mind and gives me more vigorous reasoning power why I love drinking Coke while blogging. It's deliciously refreshing and everything makes sense to me especially when I love what I'm blogging about.

As a concert-lover, I love how Coke, the most refreshing drink in the world, gives everyone a chance to win a concert anywhere in the world. When thirsty, tired or exhausted after a concert or night out, a bottle of Coke hits the spot! We can go to concerts anywhere and can travel far as we may, Coke is never more than a thirst apart.

As a follower of Coca-Cola Philippines, it's amazing how they never run out of reasons to make us smile and opens up a little bit of happiness each day. Hats off to Coca Cola!

As a full-time mom and housewife, I always take a break, then open and share a bottle of happiness with my family after a tiring day to relieve fatigue from all the house chores. It's a family affair! We enjoy Coke in our meals, whether it's lunch or dinner and it always satisfies. It brings family and friends together! Good times!

As a gym rat, a bottle of Sakto gives me a renewed boost of energy, quenches my thirst and tickles my palate as nothing else can. Coke Zero, on the other hand, keeps me feeling fit because there's no sugar!

As a philospher, I do believe that in my 29 years of existence and pursuit of thirst and happiness, there never was a thirst that Coca could couldn't satisfy. Just drink a bottle of Sakto if you'd like to know why. Surely, just a bottle or two will tell you.

As a (not-well-known) scientist, Coke is the shortest distance between thirst and refreshment.

As a fashionista, Coke is the perfect accessory this summer. It is fashion sealed in a bottle and good taste is always in fashion.

As a mountaineer, all trails lead to Coca Cola that keeps me going to reach the summit.

As a dreamer, I'd like to dream to be a millionaire 'cause I'd like to buy the world a Coke, and I mean everyone in the world! So they would know the happiness I'm talking about and everyone can chill and enjoy the goodness of an ice cold bottle of Coke! :)

Coca-Cola Foundation celebrates 25 years of sharing happiness and they never run out of reasons to refresh, inspire, moments of optimism … So they just launched the Any Concert Anywhere Raffle Promo that will take one winning blogger and one winning promo participant to their concert of choice anywhere in the world. Best.thing.ever.

Any interested bloggers out there? Here’s how we could turn our dream into reality:

1) The Coca-Cola “Any Concert Anywhere” Blogger Contest will run from February 18 to March 15, 2011.

2) Blogger Promo Registration
a. This promo is open to all bloggers nineteen (19) years of age or older as of February 17, 2011
b. Bloggers who attended the “Any Concert Anywhere” Blogger Event are automatically eligible
c. Bloggers who did not attend can still join by registering with the digital agency of Coca-Cola, MRM Worldwide. Here’s how to do it:
i. Email
ii. Subject heading must be: Coca-Cola “Any Concert Anywhere” Blogger Registration
iii. Include first and last name
iv. Your blog URL/s
v. Your mobile number
vi. Your email address
d. The Coca-Cola Export Corporation (Philippines) and its agency reserves the right to decline any registration for any reason, if the need arises, such as but not limited to any misrepresentation of or inconsistencies with the Coca-Cola Brand Values.

3) Blogger Contest Mechanics
a. The Coca-Cola “Any Concert Anywhere” Raffle Promotion must be promoted on your blog and/or other online properties (i.e. Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, Twitter Feed, etc.)
b. Your content must be clear in its objective: Invite and Encourage Teens to Join the Coca-Cola “Any Concert Anywhere” Raffle Promotion.
c. As an additional requirement, your blog must also feature another Coca-Cola contest, “Coke Dream Pack”, in at least one other, separate blog entry (or online property)
d. Your publication and promotion of these two Coke efforts must fall in between February 18 to March 15, 2011

4) Submission of Blog Promotions
a. Before 11:59pm on March 15, 2011, you must email a Power Point presentation with the following mandatory slides
i. Compiled documentation of all Any Concert Anywhere promotional initiatives (blog posts, vlogs, tweets, status updates, links to pertinent resources, etc.)
ii. One slide exclusively for a screenshot of their blog post featuring the “Coke Dream Pack” contest
b. Email should be sent to before the deadline, with the following details:
i. Subject heading: Coca-Cola “Any Concert Anywhere” Blogger Contest Entry
ii. Your first and last name
iii. Your blog URL/s
iv. Your mobile number
v. Your email address

5) Criteria for Judging
a. 50% Creative Writing
i. Accuracy and usefulness of information and clarity of promo mechanics
ii. Novelty and originality of the blog entries
iii. The blog’s interest and appeal to influence readers to join the contest
iv. Creativity/Tools used (social networking sites, videos, user-generated content, skinning, etc.)
v. Coca-Cola Brand Voice (Positive, Energizing, Young, Refreshing)
b. 50% Blog Reach
i. Number of blog site entries
ii. Number of blog unique user comments (per entry)
iii. Number of SNS and micro-blog status messages
iv. Number of SNS and micro-blog status message unique user comments (per entry)

6) Prizes
a. Blogger that achieves the best score according to the above criteria as determined solely by The Coca-Cola Export Corporation (Philippines) and its agency wins an exclusive pass to attend a concert together with one of the official “Any Concert Anywhere” Raffle Promotion winners
b. Winning blogger has the option to choose which winner to accompany. The winning blogger then gets to join the official promo winner in the promo winner’s chosen concert. Blogger prize will not be convertible to cash.
c. The winning blogger will be entitled to the following as part of his/her prize:
i. Two-Way economy air fare
ii. Accommodations at a hotel for 3 days, 2 nights
iii. Pocket money amounting to USD 350
iv. One concert ticket – category or seat type of the concert ticket to be determined by TCCEC and subject to availability
d. The winning blogger shall be responsible for obtaining and processing his/her own passport, visa for travel, and any travel document required to venue of the concert to be attended by his/her chosen promo winner.
e. The winning blogger is required to perform full PR-coverage of his/her Any Concert Anywhere experience through his/her personal blog and/or other online properties. Coverage can be performed anytime within 30 days from flight date to designated country
f. The Coca-Cola Export Corporation (Philippines) and its agency has the right to use any coverage material produced by the winning blogger for further promotion of the “Any Concert Anywhere” Raffle Promotion
g. Two (2) cases of Coca-Cola products will be awarded to five (5) runners-up as consolation prizes

7) Announcement of Winners
a. The winning blogger will be notified via official email and verified through a phone call by The Coca-Cola Export Corporation’s (TCCEC) Third Party Supplier on March 31, 2011
b. The winning blogger will be provided with the full list of official “Any Concert Anywhere” winners along with their respective concert venues of choice on April 4, 2011. Winning blogger must inform The Coca-Cola Export Corporation’s (TCCEC) Third Party Supplier by April 6, 2011 on which winner he/she is choosing to accompany

8) Supplemental Informational Materials
a. Attendees of the Coca-Cola “Any Concert Anywhere” Blogger Event will be supplied with the Coca-Cola “Any Concert Anywhere” Toolkit (CD-ROM) containing the following materials:
i. “Any Concert Anywhere” Promotional Materials
1. Official Promo Mechanics
2. Concert Venues
3. List of Drop Centers
4. Official Promo Poster (.psd and .jpg formats)
5. Official TV Commercial
ii. “Any Concert Anywhere” Blogger Contest Mechanics
iii. “Coke Dream Pack” Official Contest Mechanics
iv. Jump Up Song
v. Copy of the Blogger Event Presentation Deck
b. Only attendees to the “Any Concert Anywhere” Blogger Event will be given a Coca-Cola “Any Concert Anywhere” Toolkit (CD-ROM)
c. Non-attendees that register via email at may get their Supplemental Informational Materials from the official Coca-Cola “Any Concert Anywhere” website at
For the non-bloggers who loves Coca Cola, you can join too, click here for more deets! F
or extra fun...drink more than one. Better yet, make it five! Every 5 crowns is equal to 1 entry! hehe

And if you are
artistic or creative like that, let your creative juices flow and join the Coke Dream Pack Contest and get the chance to win an iTouch! CLICK HERE for details!

When there's Coke, there's happiness! Please spread the happiness to everyone!


Any comments, my dear?