Women's Health Athena All Women's Run

Calling all active girlies, Athena and Women's Health will be having an exclusive all womens run on the 19th of March Saturday at Mall of Asia (IMAX Parking Lot).Celebrate our month with a good start and live an active health brought to you by Unilab.

Click HERE for more details.

But wait, there's more?? ( there's like that (me ganon??) ) You ready for this? 'Cause Littlerunningteacher is giving away not one, but two race kits of your desired distance for the Women's Health Athena All Women's Run this Saturday. :) Click HERE for the deets! and oh, sorry guys(ang gays), but only Women/girls are allowed to join. ;0

Really hope I could join it.. (fingers crossed).. Running is my 2nd, if not my first love. True story.

See you there!!


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