Preggy Update: still preggo who's counting?

only 8 days to go... and I'm still here, still I have come to say as my mantra...

Last night, I already thought of having an induced labor if ever I won't be able to encourage my cervix to get its act together sooner than I'm expecting it but just this morning, I am experiencing a lot of abdominal cramps and some spotting too so I guess there's something going on or maybe my labor has just started. Also, after 2 days of being absent in the blogging world because my brother had to renovate his gym and had to replace and organize everything including the router and stuff. amp! So long time no posting (for me, that is!)but I'm back! Geeesh! And I am not just excited of giving birth soon but also excited to know that I'm already a postie and my blog has been approved by PPP (read: Payperpost) and Smorty. That's two birds in one stone... and yes, there's a baby too! So I guess it's not just a new baby coming out but also new opportunities by making money online. I just hope I can keep it up with em. So I pray, "God I know this is your plan, just help me through it.. " More than anything, I'm still hoping and praying for a healthy baby girl and a safe delivery even more than all the money and riches in the world. So please send us happy birth thoughts and kindly include us in your prayers. Thanks!

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