I signed up for PPP!

Well, one of my blogger friends keep telling me to sign up for PPP (read: Payperpost) to get paid for blogging. Sure, it sounded interesting because you get paid by doing things that you love... which is, of course, blogging. So I tried it and I signed up for Payperpost! And after a few days, my blog was approved! yey! Now, I am looking forward on earning extra moolah by writing about the opportunities offered by the Advertisers.

So why do I love PPP?

Actually, I must say that PPP is one of the best things for Bloggers because it's FREE. That's why they say that the best things in life are free! Anyone who can write a few words about a special topic can become a money maker through this amazing program. In fact, this post is my first opportunity post as a Postie. It is too much easy to choose an available opportunity and the guidelines and requirements are clear. That´s why I love PPP. Plus, it helps me make money and at the same time, having so much fun blogging. Cool huh??

Now, it is your turn to take advantage of this great opportunity. First of all, you need to register your blog. Then, your blog will be reviewed and upon approval, you are able to choose the available opportunities, take them and write about them according to the requirements. That´s it! Upon acceptance and approval, you will earn the compensation which has been set by the Advertiser.

But guys there are just few things to remember because PayPerPost wants honest bloggers. You have to disclose sponsored posts. If anyone tries to hide that, they can get kicked out. That goes for sponsors too. Sponsors trying to get bloggers to hide disclosure can be banned. I was very happy to hear that and please try to read the guidelines coz Payperpost can get a bit picky. But then again, I promise you will get surprised once you check out this wonderful program! So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and get started with Payperpost! Spread the love!

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