Facts for First Time Moms Like Me

As a first time mom, these are some of the things I've learned. Of course, the first days are more difficult because aside from being sleep deprived, everything is new and I'm sure you'll feel a little scared, especially if you are a first time mom like me...Alarming? Maybe. Worrisome? Not at all. It made me feel anxious at first, so I researched a bit on what not to worry about so I won’t have to add on more unnecessary tension and worries.

So for my baby's first week, these are just some of the things that I'm worried about... and the things that I've learned that I should not worry about...

* My baby's swollen gentiles, the lips of her vulva (read: pempems) are swollen and blood in my baby girl's diaper.
It is normal. With time, everything should go back to normal. I've learned that during pregnancy, a surge in maternal estrogen levels can stimulate a female fetus's uterus. Within the first week of life, it's common for baby girls to have a mini period in which the uterus sheds a little blood.

* My baby girl sneezes a lot!
It is normal that a baby sneezes because this is the way they unclog their noses. Generally, babies do this when they are exposed to light suddenly.

* My week-old baby love always has the hiccups.
The diaphragm of the baby is not only delicate but it is not totally developed, this causes them to swallow air easily causing them to get hiccups. Make sure to burp the baby, or place him face down and pat him on the back. Experts aren't exactly sure why young babies hiccup so much;. Some people say it's due to a miscommunication between the brain and the diaphragm, the abdominal muscle that controls breathing. Regardless of the cause, hiccups are a harmless part of babyhood. As she adjusts to this full stomach, the hiccups will stop. You can give a small amount of water to your baby, but do not feed during the hiccups.

*I'm scared of touching the soft spots on my baby's head.
When you touch your baby's soft spots, known as the fontanels, you're not touching his brain. So what are you touching? A thick, very protective membrane. The soft spots exist because, in order to safely negotiate the narrow birth canal, a baby's skull is flexible, so your little one's downy head has already survived a pretty rough ride with no harm done.

* My baby get startled so easily and cries a lot during her graveyard shift (read: wide awake from 1 am-5 am)
Newborns have an immature nervous system and startle easily, which are just two reasons why they shed so many tears. And crying is baby's only way of communicating his needs. Simply put, a baby is wired to cry a lot, so though he may look pained, he's not harming himself/herself.

Crying is your baby’s way of saying “I’m tired”, “I’m hungry", I'm wet”, “I want to be held”, “I’m too hot”, “I’m uncomfy”, etc. Don’t worry about spoiling a tiny baby by pampering it. She needs to know you are there to meet his/her needs. You can soothe your baby by:
  1. Giving your baby something to suck. Mommy! milk! milk! milk!
  2. Lengthening feeding times
  3. Giving your baby more physical contact and movement
  4. Changing her nappies when wet
  5. Wrapping her snugly in a blanket
  6. Raising the temperature of the room a little if you think it’s too cold or too hot
  7. Changing his/her position
Can you spot the difference here?? hihi Just caught my baby smiling...
Hoh well..
Yup. I worry a lot but I'm not crazy or super OC mom . I'm just a new mom and I'm loving it!

My baby's tiny foot and daddy's touching our baby's cutie hand! Lookie! Lookie!


  1. ay bold! hiya ako mommy!
    srap ng may new baby no?
    ang bango bango. pati hininga gusto mo lng tumapat sa mouth nya para amuyin. ;)

    take care!

    btw, if u have time, pls update my link on ur blogroll. got myself a domain na eh. it's http://bloggerhappy.com

  2. thanks sis! yup! super sarap talaga ng feeling maging mommy :) kahit lage ako pinupuyat ni bebi, so happy pa din! :) anyways, il update your new link! tc

  3. Hi, just visited! Nanganak ka na pala! Your baby girl is so pretty! :D

  4. Hi Chelle! Ang cute nya! Congratulations huh.

    I have a tag for you http://mlizcochico.blogspot.com/2008/02/birthdate-tag.html. God Bless.

  5. Hi Chelle, normal lang talaga yan sa first time Mom.

    Btw, just a friendly advice. Don't post naked pic sa anak mo, who knows may maduming isip about your baby's gender. O baka naman gamitin yan sa mga prono sites. Pls. take this message as your precaution and I hope you're not offended. This is only my opinion.

  6. wahhhh...and cute ng baby whats her name?. Ganyan din feelings ko nung kapapangank ko lng sis. Ganda ng feeling pag may baby, sarap alagaan...hsy!!

  7. hi chell, congratulations for the beautfil baby girl. she's a beauty. am sure she will have your looks. hindi sya makunot. hehehehe

    welcome to motherhood! it's a nice feeling but the job is tough but rewarding.

    sleep as much as u can when she's asleep in the mrning coz she needs u awake when she's up at night. :)

  8. wala akong masabi :)

    yups it's too scary too touch the head of a new born. Sobrang kakatakot!!!


  9. :) Welcome to Mommyhood, Chelle! Isn't it weird to have her in your arms after carrying her around for the whole 9+ months?

    Well, glad that we have our blogs so all the mommies can support and advise each other on parenting tips and what nots. Even though I've got 2 kids, I learned alot from new parents and still need to pick up alot of parenting tips!

    For instance, honestly, I'm still scared to touch my 3 month old's soft spot on her head. Thanks for clearing it up for me! LOL! :D

    Get plenty of rest kay? :)

  10. mala-angel ang baby mo sis, ang cute!!!!

    welcome to earth baby chanelle!

    hi from GT here (seduce_me)

  11. wow..learned a lot from this post :) Thanks!

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