why do we smile when...

... we see babies???

I can't help but smile whenever I see a baby, I dunno if it's because I'm pregnant or just a maternal instinct and I'm just having another "inip" moments again or maybe it's just the irresistible human urge for people to smile when they see a cute baby. I think we smile when we see a baby..because babies are so innocent..they are unaffected by societies, views and standards of this undeniably crazy world...and if u care and love them they will love u back. or maybe because we see a life that has the hope and potential of changing the world for the better. It must be a hormonal thing or something. I dunno why babies make me smile, or is it just because I'm longing for my own baby that I just enjoy looking at babies everywhere I go... sheesh! I think I'm going crazy! lol It's so different when you're trying to make a baby smile to those times when the baby simply makes you smile so effortlessly?

Maybe we smile because it is the light in our window that tells others that there is a caring and sharing person inside. *wink*