I love my brother! lmao

This is the latest and newest singing sensation after Charice Pempengco.. He stunned the judges on American Idol Season 7. This guy is hilarious and his voice ain't that bad...and even when the judges were making fun of him and Simon gave him a "no", he was cool about getting rejected and it has got to be the most gracious and positive guy ever turned down in American Idol. He's freaking gutsy and adorable ...in an odd way! He's Renaldo Lapuz, 44 years old and hey, he's a Filipino aspirant and he performed his original composition "We're Brothers Forever" from the bottom of his heart! :) awwww... awesomeness!

I was laughin so hard when they were showing like pics of Simon.. its like he's a saint or an angel sent from heaven! lol He really loves Simon so much and he had the judges laughing and Paula dancing! That must be pretty unusual haha to have people laughing and screaming in the background. I bet it's going to be a real hit! Here's the lyrics both in English and Tagalog version. Enjoy!

Tayo'y Magkapatid Magpakaylanman

Ako'y iyong kapatid
Kaibigang matalik, magpakaylanman
Aawitan kita ng awit na ibig mo
Tayo'y Magkapatid Habang buhay
Narito ka man o hindi, ika'y laging nasa puso
And sakit na iyong nararamdaman
Ay hindi na muling maghahari

I am your Brother
Your Bestfriend 4ever
Singing the songs
The music that you love
We're brothers til the end of time
Together or not you're always in my heart
Your hurting feelings
In you will reign no more
"I love you, Brother!"

All together now! :)

Here's two remix versions for your pleasure! :)

and here's more..CLICK HERE for an exclusive interview with Renaldo Lapuz directly from FOXDallas!


  1. I watched him on TV! He was hilarious, and yes, his voice was okay, actually :).

  2. i also saw it...he's so funny..hehehe..
    btw sis, you've been tagged you can view it here.

  3. i saw it too, like 3 times! he's really funny! :)


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