Five Reasons Why You Should Try the New Purefoods Heat and Eat

Anyone who’s ever had days getting busier, and to do lists getting longer can tell you that preparing meals for the family is not easy. With holiday season in full swing, we all wish we had more time in a day to accomplish everything! As much as we would love to spend time in the kitchen and quality time at home, there are days when preparing a decent meal for your family already seems like a task.

That  being said, I wasn't able to prepare dinner these past few days because of too much that was going on and the huge amount of work left on my plate. This leaves me with two options: eat out or starve. This is why I think no matter where I go, checking out and trying new foods should be a regular thing to do for busy moms like me who are constantly looking for quick and easy delicious meals for their families. Long story short, my goal is to whip out what's most convenient and easiest to prepare given the limited amount of time I had.

In a moment I can only describe as an act of divine providence, I passed by the Native Section in the supermarket where I found the newest products from Purefoods. It's the Purefoods Heat and Eat line with two variants: Lechon Kawali and Crispy Pata. And guess what? These sumptuous dishes are a hit with my husband and two kids! Winner winner pork dinner!

Here are five reasons why you should try it too:

1. It’s made for the uncompromising convenience seeker in all of us.

You can make your family's fave restaurant dishes in an instant! All you  have to do is heat and eat! Seriously, preparing Crispy Pata and Lechon Kawali has never been so easy! Lechon Kawali with a serving size of 425g per bag good for 3-4 persons and Crispy Pata at 900g per bag for 5-6 persons.

Both variants are fully cooked that can be reheated either via turbo broiler or by frying. Easy na, convenient pa! In as fast as 10 - 20 minutes, you can already enjoy the crispiness and ‘simut-sarap’ deliciousness of your restaurant favorites at the convenience of your own home. With Purefoods Heat and Eat, siguradong sarap lutong, anytime  all the time.

Last night, we had Crispy Pata for dinner. A large pan with lots of oil was heated up and the crispy pata was deep fried until the skin got incredibly crisp. It looked and tasted delicious and there's a distinctive flavor that no amount of seasonings can beat! We served it with a sawsawan or sauce of chopped onions, chilis and soy sauce! It easily served 5 hungry adults and 1 kid. Definitely one of the best crispy pata we've had in a while!

TIP: Eat the meat with the sauce and garlic rice, and then save the best (the skin) for last! You're welcome. :)

2.  You'll spend less time in the kitchen, giving you more quality time with your loved ones because it's super quick and easy to prepare. These are also great for parties, Noche Buena, family dinners, snacks, and even as "pulutan" during drinking sessions.

3.  This line promises quick delicious and convenient meals with the assurance of consistency at restaurant quality favorites. Our family has a long-lasting relationship with Purefoods. In fact, we love all the best quality delicious favorites like Purefoods Tender Juicy, Purefoods Fiesta Ham and Purefoods Corned Beef!

4.  Affordably priced at Php 230.00 (for Lechon Kawali) and Php 325.00 (for Crispy Pata). Thanks to Purefoods, we can whip up a restaurant-quality dishes without breaking the bank. Check out the Native Section in major supermarkets in GMA (Robinsons, Landmark, Puregold, Hi Top, and South Supermarket) or visit your favorite Monterey Meatshop in Luzon to get yours today!

5.  Last but not the least, YOLO. You only live once, mga besh!

I've heard from a friend saying, "I don't think that's healthy to eat!" and if that's also you -- hold up. You might also say that these dishes are super deadly, but heck, we only live once, don’t we!? :) I never would have found this amazing food, if I decided to stick to my boring salad.  Seriously. Life is too short to only have salads and veggies. I always tell my husband  that as long as you eat in moderation, it's not bad at all. I guess I was able to convince him because he can't stop eating the lechon kawali. Now, he absolutely loves it, and makes at least one trip a week to the supermarket just to get some.

So try the Purefoods Heat and Eat today! For more details, visit the Purefoods Heat and Eat Facebook page: and follow their Instagram account: @PurefoodsHeatAndEat

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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  1. Bigla tuloy ako nag crave mommy! 😍
    Hanapin ko 'to sa Supermarket :)

  2. wow this post is surely making me hungry darling fantastic sharing keep posting.. online shopping in lahore

  3. It's really perfect for the family specially the kids the Purefoods Heat and Eat as easy to prepare as all the time deliciously favorite love eat as well.

  4. Meron palang ganito. Grabe nakakagutom yung mga pictures. CAnt wait to go home at hanapin ito para maluto.

  5. Hmmm sarap! Nakakagutom 👍

  6. wanna try it! Looks so yummy💖

  7. wow. Ready to eat and affordable 😍 mukhang masarap sya Ms. Michelle ita-try namin to. 😋❤

  8. wow. Ready to eat and affordable 😍 mukhang masarap sya Ms. Michelle ita-try namin to. 😋❤

  9. Wow .. I'm getting Hungry 😭😍

  10. Wow .. I'm getting Hungry 😭😍

  11. wow! Eat Healthy Live Healthy for this year 2018.. :)

  12. Yummy and very affordable. Madaling lutuin.

  13. Nkakagutom to! Hehe mukhang masarap yan.

  14. Nkakagutom to! Hehe mukhang masarap yan.

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    Wow, looks so delicious.

  16. Wowwww....mahilig pa nman kmi ni hubby mag crispy pata will try this one po.


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