uber delighted with my tapdancing and kickboxing baby!

Recently, I noticed my belly vibrating as my baby tap-danced a new dance number under my skin..it felt like a heartbeat or a rhythmic beat inside my tummy.. I found out that it's actually baby hiccups! it worried me at first but when I knew it's normal, I found it's so fascinating that I forgot all about watching the new season of prisonbreak. hehe Yep, the wonders of being a first time mom that we can be entertained by such little things… I'm uber delighted when I felt my baby’s little fluttering movements mostly at night and I also got worried when she's not making any movements so I just say a prayer that she's ok and that's she just having her beauty sleep. :) The real reward was when I felt my baby’s tap-dance routine or one of her kickboxing sessions...and that's exactly what my OB refers to as quickening...meaning, baby moving,kicking,jabbing,dancing? I often wonder what my baby is doing in my tummy to make such rapid movements..

Even though my baby Chanelle has been moving more and more frequently, the movements are still quite soft and a friend told me I'm about to experience rib pains when my baby starts kicking my ribs. Occasionally, she’ll make a movement that is quite startling because of the force behind it, although these are quite few and far between. I suppose I ought to be grateful because I have been warned of the time when her kicks and punches will keep me up at night..

Over the last few days, my baby has taken to traumatising my bladder. She’ll hit a sure spot inside that feels as though he’s thrown a punch in the direction of my bladder because I’ll feel a sudden urge to pee that goes as quickly as it came...so waking up to make weewee at 3 or 4 am is a normal thing to me now...and that includes tripping on my way to the bathroom. Thankfully I haven’t had any accidents so far. I wonder if it is because I still have less than three more months to go or if it is because the Kegel exercises are working... hmmmm...