preggy , biggie and clumsy me!

I’ve heard that by a certain stage of pregnancy, tripping while walking and spilling food during meals can be a common disaster. Well, I’ve already being clumsy even if I'm trying to be super careful na. Whether it’s due to the fact that the enlarged belly prevents me from getting closer to the table or the increased clumsiness reported by most books, it seems I’m not just the size of a hippo but also a big blob when it comes to meal times. hehe The worst of it is that sometimes I’m not even aware of it!

Crumbs on my shirts are also becoming a regular thing to me... haha

The other difficulty I’m experiencing with the enlarged baby bump involves reaching for items at or near my feet. For instance, cutting my toe nails is another task requiring some acrobatics on my part since bending at the waist has become a very difficult task for me.

Carrying bags of any sort is considered a task too strenuous for preggos regardless of the fact that they contain items barely weighing more than a kilo, if that. Then there was the lady that bumped into me while I was wondering around the shopping mall. It wasn’t her fault because I hadn’t been watching where I was going. It's a good thing I already hired a helper to help me carry the bags. anyways..Ate Rosie, our new helper, is nice and masipag but it's funny coz she's sooo vain, considering she's already 42 years old, she loves looking for whitening creams and lotions everytime we go to to the supermarket...and she was elated when I bought her a whitening soap! haha this is a lil off topic but lemme tell you a funny story about her, we went to Glorietta and SM yesterday and she said it's her first time to go there so she was really excited and when we passed by a shoe store in G4, she asked me if she could buy the shoe kasi it's super cheap daw, 40 lang daw so we went back to check it... and when I saw the shoes it's 40 nga pero 40% discount hehe hoh well, it's silly but it made me smile.

so..going back to the topic, hehe, poor posture is the other issue I face. I tend to slouch a lot when I’m what I'm doing now! and I feel my boobies resting on my rapidly expanding tummy. I’m starting to develop red marks just under my breasts at the point where they contact my belly. haha

and now that my tummy has grown, I just hope I won't waddle when I walk... :)

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