Team Kramer Joins MR.DIY Philippines in New Campaign: “For BIG and small FAMILYhan needs, MERON DIYan!”

Mr. DIY Philippines launched its 2024 campaign at the MR.DIY store located on the 4th level of One Ayala Mall in Makati. The event marked the beginning of a new chapter for the brand, emphasizing its core value propositions: “Always Low Prices,” extensive product assortment, and convenient shopping across numerous store locations. The newest brand tagline, “For BIG and small FAMILYhan needs, MERON DIYan!” encapsulates the brand’s mission to cater to all family needs, both big and small, reinforcing MR.DIY as the go-to destination for home improvement.

Team Kramer, executives of MR.DIY Philippines and representatives of One Ayala and Ayala Malls came together for MR.DIY's 2024 Thematic Branding Campaign Launch.

The event began with a Media Thanksgiving session, which kicked off with a message of gratitude to the media from MR.DIY Philippines’ Deputy Head of Marketing Mr. Charles Salecina. 

This was followed  by fun games and prizes for the media, which included  “BIG and small, Hakot, Dakot, Panalo!” Challenge, where participants were blindfolded and given 15 seconds to scoop as many prizes as they could into a basket, taking home whatever they managed to gather. Trivia questions about MR.DIY also engaged attendees, with correct answers earning exciting prizes.

The main program commenced with opening remarks from Mr. Salecina, and halfway through his speech, he invited everyone to watch the 2023 highlights of MR.DIY, showcasing the brand’s achievements and milestones over the past year. 

This was followed by a short message from MR.DIY Philippines’ CEO, Ms. Roselle B. Andaya, where she shared her excitement for renewing the brand’s partnership with Team Kramer, and how MR.DIY remains steadfast in its commitment to offer a delightful and convenient shopping experience. 

“This year’s campaign reaffirms MR.DIY’s dedication to being your trusted partner for all home improvement needs,” said Ms. Andaya. 

Ms. Roselle Andaya, CEO of MR.DIY signs the contract with Team Kramer, marking another chapter of success and partnership ahead.

A significant moment in the event was the ceremonial “BIG and small” contract signing with MR.DIY’s Brand Ambassador, Team Kramer. 

"We are renewing our contract with MR.DIY because our collaboration has been fulfilling and successful. MR.DIY’s commitment to quality and affordability aligns with our family values. We’ve seen how their products have enhanced our home and everyday life. The positive feedback from our followers has been overwhelming and we’re excited to continue this journey with our MR.DIY family, " said Doug Kramer.

The unveiling of the 2024 campaign video and new jingle was accompanied by a dynamic dance mob, setting an energetic tone for the day, with Team Kramer joining in on the fun. Doug and Cheska Kramer spoke about how the new MR.DIY branding came to life. The couple highlighted the collaborative effort and shared behind-the-scenes of the branding campaign shoot and jingle creation, giving attendees a glimpse into the creative process. 

The “For BIG and small FAMILYhan needs, MERON DIYan!” campaign represents MR.DIY’s mission to serve the diverse needs of Filipino families, offering products that cater to both major home improvements and everyday essentials. The term "FAMILYhan" blends the words "Family" and “Pamilihan” (marketplace), positioning MR.DIY as the go-to market for Filipino families' big and small needs. The campaign is designed to emphasize the brand’s dedication to affordability, quality, and variety, ensuring that every family, regardless of size, can find what they need at MR.DIY. This campaign ties seamlessly with the renewed brand story, showcasing MR.DIY as a reliable partner for all home-related needs.

"Our relationship with MR.DIY has grown stronger and more collaborative. We’ve deepened our understanding of their commitment to quality and affordability and created content that resonates with our audience. This partnership feels like a true alignment of values and goals," Mr. Kramer added. Team Kramer’s continued partnership with MR.DIY highlights the brand’s family-oriented approach and commitment to enhancing the lives of its customers.

During the media Q&A, Ms. Andaya discussed the brand’s strategies for rapid expansion and success in the competitive retail market.

She emphasized the importance of a customer-centric approach, among other factors that contribute to MR.DIY’s success. "Our key strategies include having  a customer-centric approach by ensuring we have the right variety of products at affordable prices in carefully selected locations to maximize reach. Additionally, we keep major processes as simple as possible to achieve faster scalability. The more we are able to scale up successfully, the more we benefit from economies of scale, where costs are spread out more, resulting in higher savings which are passed on to our customers as products they can buy at always low prices. The more our customers patronize MR.DIY, the more we are able to expand, thus the virtuous cycle continues," Ms. Andaya added.

The event concluded on a high note, leaving attendees excited about MR.DIY’s future initiatives and continued commitment to providing variety, good quality and value for money for Filipino families. With its new campaign and renewed brand identity as the “familyhan” for big and small needs. MR.DIY is poised to strengthen its presence in the Philippine retail market.

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