Embrace Digestive Wellness This Nutrition Month

As we celebrate Nutrition Month this July, it's the perfect time to shine a spotlight on the importance of proper nutrition and maintaining a healthy digestive system. Good digestive health is vital for overall well-being, and it starts with what we choose to nourish our bodies with. But in our busy lives, achieving the ideal balance of nutrients from food alone can be a challenge. 

Case in point, the State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2022 report by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) highlights the difficulties people face in accessing a healthy diet. The report reveals that in 2020, approximately 3 billion people worldwide do not follow a healthy and nutritious diet. 

In the Philippines, studies have also shown that many adults do not meet the recommended daily intake of essential nutrients. For instance, the World Bank report on undernutrition in the Philippines indicates significant gaps in nutrient intake among the population, contributing to the country's concern for undernutrition. Additionally, research published in the Nutrition Journal points out that Filipino adults often consume diets lacking in important nutrients, which correlates with increased risks of diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, among others. 

The Role of Digestive Wellness

Digestive wellness isn't just about avoiding discomfort after meals—it's the key that unlocks the goodness in your food. A well-functioning digestive system breaks down food efficiently, allowing your body to absorb vital nutrients. These nutrients power one’s energy, immunity, and mental well-being. Thus, a poor digestive system can leave you feeling like you're putting in the effort but not getting the results. Even the most nutritious meals may not be fully utilized if your body struggles to absorb them.

Fuel Your Body Right

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in supporting one’s digestive health. Eating a well-balanced diet rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals helps keep your digestive tract running smoothly. Think of your body as a car: without the right fuel, it won’t run efficiently. The same goes for your digestive system - it needs the right nutrients to keep you going strong.

However, despite our best efforts, several diets often fall short. This is where specific supplements come into play. They bridge the nutritional gaps, ensuring our bodies get what they need to function optimally. In fact, according to a report by Vero and Decision Lab, at least 70% of Millennials and 60% of Gen Z say they take vitamins and supplements regularly, with 75.5% of Gen Z and 85% of Millennials using supplements to help boost immunity.

Supplements: Your Digestive Health Allies

While we should aim to get most of our nutrients from food, the reality is that it’s not always possible. Busy schedules, resorting to processed and fatty foods, and even certain cooking methods can reduce the nutrient content of our meals. This is why supplements are important to help fill in the nutritional gaps  and maintain digestive health.

For instance, digestive enzyme supplements can help break down food more effectively, making it easier for your body to absorb nutrients. Similarly, probiotics introduce beneficial bacteria to your gut, supporting a healthy microbiome and improving digestion.

Embrace the Benefits of Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics

Digestive enzymes and probiotics are essential in your journey to better digestive health. LAC GastroRx Digest Enzymes, a plant-based formula rich in enzymes from fermented fruit and vegetable extracts, enhances nutrient absorption and supports healthy digestion. Ideal for those experiencing age-related or stress-induced indigestion, these enzymes improve the release of macro and micro-nutrients from food. It also comes in powdered sticks form, offering a convenient way to take in digestive enzymes and well-studied probiotic strains that are vital for gut wellness. 

Additionally, LAC Probiotics Complex 25B CFUs capsules, made with ingredients such as Lactobacillus Casei and Lactobacillus Paracasei, Lactobacillus Crispatus, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus Lactobacillus Fermentum, and Lactobacillus Acidophilus which help fight against harmful bacteria and reduce food intolerance while breaking down food better and promote absorption of nutrients, promote gastrointestinal health, and also boost immunity. 

By keeping ourselves in check when it comes to proper nutrition and incorporating these supplements, we can maintain peak digestive health even amidst our hectic lifestyles. Remember, a healthy gut means a happier you—let’s make digestive wellness a priority this Nutrition Month and beyond.

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