PLDT Home Gives Moms Support and Reassurance in its New Mother’s Day Video

We’ve all seen it - moms who wear their superhero capes every single day. They do one heck of a balancing act, juggling multiple roles with grace and resilience.

Motherhood demands a level of selflessness that can be both rewarding and exhausting because IRL, there are no “on/of” and “pause” mode. The demands of parenting can push them both physically and emotionally, causing internal pressure to be the “perfect mom”  on even the strongest of moms.  

Like any full-time mom, I had to find a delicate balance between work and mom life. I lost a lot when my three kids came along. I lost my hobbies, social life, sleep, patience, identity, and my sanity. As if the struggle wasn't enough, I had anxiety and I felt that I lost a part of my old self. That was my turning point. 

So I started looking for help at the most obvious place to look - online. Then I came across Madiskarte Moms PH community that gave me the support and reassurance that I have someone to rely on.

When parenthood gets tough, it’s always okay to turn to people who can empathize and reassure us that the rewards of unconditional love and immeasurable joy of being a mom far outweigh the losses. 

Madiskarte Moms has become a haven for moms like me who want to earn from home while prioritizing time with their families. 

I'm grateful and blessed to have a support system of fellow moms, who show their support by saying, “It’s okay to ask for help. We are here for you.” 

Also, thanks to PLDT Home for thoughtfully reminding moms that there will always be a community of parents – whether online or offline – that moms can always rely on no matter what.

With the right support and community, moms can get through anything together.

This is the message that  gives moms in its new Mother’s Day video, which highlights the concept of “backstage moms,” or moms who support other mothers as they navigate their responsibilities, challenges, and learnings through motherhood.

Watch this heartwarming Mother's Day video here: 



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