Poten-Cee + C Launches New Campaign, New Variant This 2024

Poten-Cee, the top Vitamin C brand (plain adult category) in the country ¹that offers variants catering to most Filipinos’ health needs, launches its latest campaign and variant - Poten-Cee + Collagen this Women’s Month.

 “There She Glows” 

Now addressing the wellness needs of a more mature female market, Poten-Cee + Collagen unveils its new tagline, “There She Glows,” reinforcing the brand’s position as a daily companion for women.  With the help of Poten-Cee + C, the brand hopes to support them as they face their everyday lives armed with health and confidence while sustaining that youthful glow. 


Introducing Poten-Cee + C Marine Collagen  
Following the introduction of Poten-Cee + C (Bovine) Collagen in 2019, the brand now launches its new variant, Poten-Cee + C Marine Collagen this March. It harnesses the combined benefits of Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C in non-acidic format) and Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen sourced from fish. Vitamin C helps boost the immune system and supports Collagen formation while Collagen helps keep the skin moisturized and helps improve its hydration & elasticity.


There She Glows: Heart Evangelista 
Recognizing the contributions of the modern Filipina to society, Poten-Cee + C also acknowledges the need for the women of today to stay healthy to keep them going and at the same time feel good, glowing inside and out.  

Multifaceted actress, artist, and fashion icon Heart Evangelista perfectly exemplifies the modern Filipina - pursuing her dreams and goals while embracing self-love along the way. This is why she has been chosen as the brand ambassador for Poten-Cee + C. 
“These days I shuffle between Manila & Paris, and from fashion to business. This can take a toll on my skin and so I always remember to take care of it. Poten-Cee + C Marine Collagen is my must-have as I go through my life journey,” Heart enthuses. 

The launch of Poten-Cee + C’s newest campaign and variant coincides with the Poten-Cee brand’s 50th-anniversary, further highlighting the brand’s commitment to help nurture the health of Filipinos of all ages and demographics.   
Poten-Cee + C Marine Collagen is available in all leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide, as well as at PascualLab’s official Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok stores!

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