Check Out This New Cleaning Hack using the iMop Clasico

For moms like me, the gift of a clean home lifts a heavy load on my shoulder, giving me more time to bond with my family and do the things I love. I feel more relaxed and less stressed in a clean home.

Indeed, cleaning the floor is a tedious job. I can attest to that. Well, today I tried a new floor cleaning hack (that one of you actually told me about) and never thought I'd be so excited to mop the floor. I just poured some hot water, disinfectant, fabric conditioner, and alcohol in the bucket. 

Not only does it clean our floors, it also kills up to 99.9% of germs. Going with it hand in hand is the iMop Clásico. It is an easy to use mop and super convenient to keep our floor clean. 

What I love about the iMop:

It's lightweight. I'm carrying about 4 pounds, up and down stairs in a bucket that is stable.

The mop head attaches securely and is big enough to do a floor in a few swoops.

I love its convenient wash and dry system. The cleaning mechanism works smoothly. It's really kind of fun pumping the mop in the bucket. The mop handle is sturdy and the pumping action is smooth. It dries floor faster with its rapid-spinning dryer.

The floor was clean in less than half the usual time with a lot less effort. Cleaning the floor is an annoying job so people don’t do it often; but iMop makes it super easy so people won’t mind doing it more often.

This is such a nerdy post, but I know some of you also love cleaning hacks so this one is for you ;) If you try this, let me know what you think!

And if you have been reading many reviews for similar products, you may have reacted like I did. I see a few that people like me who seem to love it. So do you really want to spend a bit more for an iMop? Yes. Yes, you do. Your floors will be cleaner and you won’t hate doing it. And your knees may thank you too. 

Most of the time, we spend a lot of time at home. So now, it is your time to tidy things up! With all the delicate surfaces at home, you need a reliable partner to do the job. iMop is perfect cleaning tool you should have for a germ-free and odor-free home.

You can get the iMop Clasico here;


Do you have any cleaning hacks or tips and tricks to share? Share away!

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