Have a Healthy Summer with MyPharma Essentials

Summer has begun and it is time to make sure that you are in top form for your outings with family and friends. No one wants to miss out on having fun under the sun because of sickness, so your best defense is to make sure that you are at the peak of health during vacation time. 

One way to have a healthy glow all summer long is to protect your health with the regular check-ups and by having your healthcare essentials on hand. MyPharma makes it easier to have a healthy summer with your supplements and generic and branded medicine needs ready for delivery to your doorstep. 

There’s no need to go out and line up for your healthcare products as it is so convenient to order securely from the MyPharma online pharmacy that offers free delivery for orders P1,500 and above. It is backed by the reliability of the DyGen Pharma Distribution Corp., which ensures that all products are safe, authentic, and properly handled and stored.   

Among the items in its online shop categories are vitamins, health supplements, over-the-counter medications and treatments, and even a special section for Mom and Baby. There’s also a skincare line that will help you achieve that summer glow-up just in time for those beach days. Of course, when you head out on a trip, it is also wise to have a first aid kit on-hand with OTC medicines and handy emergency supplies in your carry-on luggage. All these items are available at the MyPharma store.  

Enjoy seamless and straightforward service, with items packed securely and delivered on time from the MyPharma website at www.mypharma.ph and to find out more about its latest products and promos, visit the official MyPharmaPH Facebook and Instagram sites.          

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