PLDT Home Rewards gives away five P100K shopping sprees at SM!

The year may be almost over but there’s still plenty of time for those fresh starts and simple upgrades. From small pieces that spark joy to major furnishings that you’ve longed to have, it’s easy to find inspiration online to refresh your home, your wardrobe, and even your lifestyle, especially if you have a fast and reliable broadband connection from PLDT Home. It’s even easier to achieve these goals with the return of the PLDT Home Rewards Grand Giveaway promo. 

This October, PLDT Home Rewards is giving away five (5) P100,000 SM Gift Cards to lucky members. All you have to do is register your PLDT Home account to the PLDT Home Rewards program and make the most out of your dream shopping list with these five tips. 

1. Have fun with your furnishings.

Do your furniture and home accessories still spark joy? 

Furnishings are the backdrop of our lives, not just pieces to sleep or sit on. Soft furnishings such as curtains, linens, and throws are not just there to make our lives comfortable; they also complete our home and highlight our style.

From color blocks or patterns to mix and match, fabric upholstery or leather, wood or plastic, single or king size, the SM Store’s Home Department has a wide variety of home furnishings that suit different budgets and styles.

Tip: When buying furniture pieces like a sofa, make sure you measure your space and get the scale right. To visualize it, put masking tape on the floor to outline the space where the piece will go and measure it. This way, you won’t need to ask yourself when you’re in the store, “Is this going to fit?”

2. Update your wardrobe.

As pandemic restrictions ease, most people are back at the office and are socializing too, so now just might be the best time to update your wardrobe with SM’s Women’s Fashion. Choose clothes that go from day to night as you go from boardroom meetings to bar hopping with friends.

Tip: For women, a solid-color tailored blazer shows you mean business at work even if you have a soft or printed fabric blouse inside. Remove the jacket and you’re ready to go partying in the Metro. For men, time to add some color into your lives whether it’s baby pink or light lavender. Pair it with jeans, leather shoes and a smart jacket, and you’re sure to turn heads.   

3. Be inspired in the kitchen.

Your personal design style extends to your kitchen, too. Should you go porcelain, stone, or clay? Crystal or glass? It depends on your budget but consider their use as well. 

Don’t save the expensive wares for guests. Buy to use! Choose cookware that will inspire the inner chef in you, dinnerware that will give your meals a little more oomph, and storage to start organizing things around the house.

Tip: Always choose quality.  These are some of the most used pieces in your home, so make sure that apart from looking good, your dinnerware and flatware can withstand frequent washing and microwaving without fading or looking dull.

4. Treat the kids.

For two years, children were confined at home and couldn’t see their friends. To help them renew their social skills, throw a weekend afternoon party. Shop for toys or games they can use at Toy Kingdom. Better yet, if it’s your child’s birthday, invite their friends and the neighborhood kids to help them get reacquainted or make new connections.    

Tip: Children are easy to please. Make party favors for them to take home. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You just need to be creative. 

5. Be active again!

Start your fitness journey by shopping for new exercise gear at SM’s Sports Central. From shoes to shorts, yoga pants to gym bags, you’ll find them at the SM Store. You may also check out the Electronics department for gadgets to make your active life more enjoyable—Bluetooth earphones for the gym, drones for your long runs outdoors, and watches to track your health.

Tip: One of the most common reasons people stop exercising is that they get bored with their routine. Mix it up! Find an exercise buddy, don’t stick to one sport, find different places to run or bike or play volleyball.

A FREE P100,000 shopping spree at the SM Store should help you try out new things and start that big reinvention. Find out how you can win by signing up for PLDT Home Rewards today.

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