YouTube channels that will help you learn new skills & business ideas

Through the years, YouTube has evolved from being a simple video sharing platform to a source of helpful videos from diverse creators.

According to consumer insights and strategy consulting firm Talk Shoppe, as of March 2022, 85% of users in the Philippines agree that YouTube helps them learn something new, which is the highest out of any other service surveyed.

Whether you’re hunting for a new hobby, wanting to upskill, or finding new avenues of income, here are some inspiring content creators you may want to follow:


Ms Cynthia


One universal thing people can agree on is that good food is always welcome. For those looking to level up their cooking skills, especially with Filipino food, young Boholana creator Ms Cynthia is that easy-to-follow and relatable personality you can learn from.


Her channel mainly focuses on cooking regional fare, such as Bisaya dishes like Paklay and even dishes from other parts of the Philippines, like cassava cakesisig, and Tupig Pangasinan, just to name a few. If you’re considering starting a food business with a deeply local flavor, you can’t go wrong with learning from Ms Cynthia’s content.

Sharon Lee


If you have nimble fingers and a passion for making handcrafted items, Sharon Lee’s crocheting channel is a good place to either start or advance your skills. She has been making crocheted items since 2014 and not only has it been her way to relax and release stress, she has also been able to share her creations through her online shop.


Her channel includes easy-to-follow tutorials on making simple crochet items like scrunchies for beginners and more complex crafts like a tri-fold wallet for those with more experienced hands.


Vin Art


Local artist Vin Art began his content creator journey by posting time lapse videos of his amazing sketches of celebrities like Kathryn Bernardo and Zeinab Harake. Eventually he began branching out by uploading portrait tutorials–from how to draw faces or which paper works best for charcoal portraits.


He also uploads incredibly helpful videos on how to monetize your art including asking yourself if you’re ready to become an artist earning from their artworks and how to price commissions for newbies.


Merisa Carlos Bantugan


Being able to make clothes isn’t just a handy skill to have for yourself, it can also be a good way to make money on the side. The question is, where can you start? Merisa Carlos Bantugan’s channel is a good way to start as this dressmaker made it her mission to help people learn the basics of sewing through her YouTube channel.


Through her in-depth and step-by-step tutorials, viewers can easily learn how to create shortsblouses, and more, which you can turn into cute, personalized gifts for loved ones, or as a side-hustle!


Resin Crafts 101

Give dried flowers a new lease on life as cute decor pieces you can display and even sell through resin art. Resin art can be a time-consuming process but it can result in versatile pieces that can be used for jewelry, sculptures, or if you’re thinking big, countertops and flooring.


Want to get started on your own resin art journey? Resin Crafts 101 creates video tutorials on how to create simple resin designs like dried flower coasters and more complex projects like resin lamps. They also provide great tips and pointers on how to pack your resin orders to ensure that it arrives to your customer in one piece and in all its beautiful glory.


Grand Savon Handcrafted Soap


Handcrafted soaps are not just great gifts, they are also a great way to start a small home business. It’s a fun craft that’s easy to learn and allows you to be creative when it comes to designing your own soap bar. Get into soapmaking with Grand Savon Handcrafted Soap, a local soap brand offering beautiful handcrafted soaps using only natural ingredients.


Her Soaping 101 series provides a step-by-step process of making soap including the basic tools, equipment, and ingredients to make your first batch. She makes it a point to show the entire process, even the mistakes (like this one when she was creating an exfoliating soap) so both she and her viewers can learn together.


Flex your creativity and find new ways to monetize your crafts and learn valuable tips by subscribing to these creators.

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