Start your NIDO ProtecTodo Journey at the NIDO Brand Spotlight on Shopee

Hi Mommies! Now's the time to make your 3+ toddler ProtecTODO! Always check the 10 Signs of Good Nutrition.

This August 29, start your NIDO ProtecTodo Journey and check the 10 Signs of Good Nutrition while checking out your favorite NIDO products on Shopee's Brand Spotlight.

It's important to give your child the proper nutrition to support their body’s growing needs as they navigate through life’s firsts. NIDO is every mom's companion in ensuring their kids' optimal development. 

As a mom of two, Shopee is my go-to site when looking for quality brands to fulfill my child’s needs. With a few clicks, I can easily browse Nido products on Shopee and I can get them at a cheaper price.

With Shopee’s Brand Spotlight, you can now discover the latest products, exclusive bundle deals, and exciting discounts from your favorite brands.

Shopee aims to make shopping for your child’s needs easy and rewarding, parents can look forward to these exclusive deals. Gear them up for a Protectodo Journey and get exclusive deals on NIDO products on Shopee.

NIDO® 3+ Powdered Milk Drink For Pre-Schoolers Above 3 Years Old 700g Shop here:

Formulated with essential vitamins, this powdered milk drink gives the immunity boost your pre-schoolers need for their adventures. It has essential nutrients that help keep your child not sickly, mentally alert, have right weight for height, and more! 

Check this out on Shopee’s Brand Spotlight this August 29 and enjoy their other exclusive deals and freebies.

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