How to Secure PSA Documents Online via PSA Helpline

 In need of these documents?

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)

It’s so important to have a copy or two of these documents because it’s required for applying for school, passport, and other IDs because it serves as proof of identification.

I need to prepare Yuan's requirements for big school. However, I hate the hassle of traveling and queuing to get a copy. The worse part is the risk of becoming exposed to Covid.

Good thing it is now easier and more convenient to order birth certificate online. You may order a PSA Certificate of Live Birth for yourself, your child, or your parents and have them delivered to your doorsteps. In just a few days, I got my child's PSA Birth Certificate. Hassle free and super convenient!

Plus, it saves time and money.  I found out that it is cheaper than those who offer online assistance. It is a safe and secure transaction and there's no need to disclose the information to strangers. PSA helpline is an authorized platform, thus it is expected to comply to Data Privacy Act.

Follow these simple steps:

1️⃣. Order online at

2️⃣. Pay online or over-the-counter at any of the available payment channels.

After you have completed filling up the form, you will be directed to this page to pay. They offer several convenient payment options which you can easily pay on your phone. You can pay within 5 days after you placed your order.

3️⃣. Wait for your PSA certificate to be delivered.

It was so easy and it only took me a few minutes to place my order. The delivery was fast too! Metro Manila delivery takes 3-4 days to receive. Provincial delivery takes 3 to 8 Working days.

 Take note that you need to present one signed valid original government-issued ID to the courier upon delivery.

I'm so glad that there's a more convenient and faster way to get your PSA birth certificates! It really makes life easier for moms like me. Thank you, PSA Helpline, for the fast and super convenient online transaction. 

For more information visit

You may also contact them at the following contact information:
📞 287371111

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