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One of the challenges of being a mom is making sure that all the products we use for our kids are the best. And that includes their diapers.

When it comes to diapers, I can attest that the new and improved Huggies Dry Pants is one of the best diapers in the market. The dryness and breathability of Huggies Dry Pants were clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash or dermatitis. Plus, it's affordable.

So if you are looking for quality diapers, try the newly improved Huggies Dry Pants.

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1. Huggies Dry Pants XL 60 pcs x 2 packs:

 The NEW and IMPROVED Huggies Dry Pants has a 4-way design for complete baby comfort! With Dry X-pert Channel Technology, provides comfortable movement, and helps prevent diaper rash with its 100% breathable cover

2. Huggies Dry Diapers Small 38 pcs:

 Huggies Dry Newborn has a Poo Absorb Liner that reduces wetness and prevents skin irritation by pulling runny poo away from your newborn’s delicate skin. It also has a 100% breathable outer cover that allows for better airflow, helping keep baby’s skin dry and healthy.

3. Huggies Dry Pants Superheroes Edition XXL

Absorbs faster 20% more making sure baby will feel dry and comfortable; With easy disposal tape that will help mom easy dispose diapers; And of course, has fun designs that your baby will surely enjoy!

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  1. Isa po talaga sa magandang diaper brand para sa ating mga anakshies itong Huggies .
    kaya good news po itong Huggies Membership Program sa Shopee . Maraming exclusive perks / benefits na makukuha .


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