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Today, I'd love to share my child's growth and development journey and how Promil has helped boost his immunity. 

As a mom, I want to make sure he gets all the support and nutrients to help develop his skills and to learn new things while nurturing the gift. 

That's why I am happy to have found Promil Four as my partner in providing him good nutrition. Promil Four is now my new buddy in keeping my kid healthy and I know it will also help me nurture his talents and skills. 

I noticed that my son is becoming more attentive so I decided to continue on giving him Promil Four everyday. It has the nutrition he needs and keeps his mind more active than usual. This milk is definitely a must try!

Sadly, I have no time to go out and do the grocery shopping, and that is why I really love the convenience of stocking up on Promil products using Shopee and even enjoy freebies or discounts. Huge savings can help us moms in the long run!

So I want to share this great news to all Shopee-ngera moms out there!

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So take advantage of this and fortify your AlphaKids' immunity with Promil. 

The NEW PROMIL® FOUR with its NUTRIGIFT SYSTEM™ is a growing up formula milk scientifically designed for children aged 3+. The NutriGift System™ is now specially formulated with MOS+ which helps double your child's immunity, along with higher DHA levels plus AA, Choline, carotenes, selenium, and zinc, and 37 other mind and body nutrients to nurture the gift!

Promil Four is really a good choice, it is formulated with Nutrissentials, a combination of key essentials and important nutrients.

It contains:

●        Selenium, zinc, carotenes plus MOS+ (Milk oligosaccharides) to help double your child’s immunity
●        4x more DHA* (14.9 mg/serving), AA, and Choline to help support the child’s mind / brain function
●        Iron, iodine, folic acid, vitamin B12 to help with better energy production and blood health
●        Lutein and vitamin A are essential for eye function
●        Calcium, vitamins D and K contribute to the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth

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