CODIFY—Rex Education’s newest digital initiative for law

You can now listen to codals with CODIFY—Rex Education’s newest digital initiative for law

The learning experience and needs of digital natives are now changing because of the pervasiveness of technology in our lives. To serve the growing demand of law students and practitioners for audio materials, Rex Education released CODIFY—a new learning companion in the study and practice of law.

CODIFY is where hardbound meets digital. The app brings an upgraded learning experience that complements the usual reading materials of legal resources with a pocket-friendly, on-hand option. Created with law students and practitioners in mind, CODIFY will help you master and memorize the provisions of the law using the audio version of your most trusted Rex Education pocket codals.

“Rex Education goes where the learner goes. In this fast-paced and flexible world where learning evolves as rapidly as our technology, we strive to provide our learners with all the materials they need to make sure they are learning in the best way possible, tailored to their needs and strengths,” said Rex Education CEO, Don Timothy Buhain.

Innovation meets expertise

According to a study by the Centre for Educational Technology of the University of Cape Town, the use of podcasts and audio materials afforded learners control, flexibility, and self-paced learning. 

Student agency and learner-centered education are at the core of innovation at REX. CODIFY aims to maximize every learner’s learning potential by enabling students to use the kind of learning material that works best for them, so they are agents of their own learning.

Rex Education is the leading provider of legal resources and learning materials for more than 70 years now, through its distinguished titles of published law books and a wide network of bookstores nationwide. As a lifelong learning partner of law practitioners and students, Rex Education levels up its offerings with more audiovisual options to complement every learner’s journey. 

CODIFY’s audio-facing offerings come in addition to the regular webinars and lectures on various legal subjects released by Rex Academy through the Rex Education Facebook page.

Features of CODIFY 

CODIFY is a subscription-based app that lets you listen to Rex Education’s pocket codals on-the-go. Audiobooks already available on the app are The Civil Code of the Philippines, The Revised Penal Code of the Philippines, and The 1987 Philippine Constitution. More titles will be added soon.

Users can create their own playlist, adjust the audio speed to listen at their own pace, rewind the audio tracks, and download the audio tracks to listen to anytime, anywhere.

Subscription rates start at Php 149.00 per month, Php 299.00 for 3 months, Php 549.00 for 6 months, and Php 899.00 for an annual subscription.

Accessible and available anytime, anywhere, the provisions of the law are now in the palm of your hands. Strengthen your foundation and crack cases with a better understanding of the law with CODIFY , available on Google Play and App Store.

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