Beauty Bares It All with Hakubi White C

We all have something about our looks that we don’t feel 100% confident about – be it our skin texture, hair, or even as small as a tiny mole. But let’s face it: all that time we spend hating our “flaws” can be exhausting.

So how does one finally learn how to own their beauty? Actress, wife, and mom Beauty Gonzalez got real on her journey to self-love during Hakubi White C’s FB Live last March 26, in celebration of International Women’s Month!

Being in the spotlight ever since she was young, Beauty admitted that she’s always been under scrutiny not just by fans but also by herself. Despite her name, she opened up how “social media bashers, well￾meaning fans, and relatives... even positive comments create doubt”. And the saddest thing? Even during those times that she feels good, impostor syndrome hits her out of nowhere! “Insecurity is psychological warfare at its finest”, she stressed. Those years of struggling led her to finally understand that feeling beautiful is an inside job. 

“Acknowledging your feelings and that it is only within your power to convert these into happy, positive ones” is key. This became easier because of meaningful rituals that help her rediscover her beauty from the inside out – yoga, massages, and her “godsend” skincare, Hakubi White C! She loves the White C range that includes Hakubi White C Tablets, Hakubi White C Gel, Hakubi BB Cream, and Hakubi Q10 Cream that are all formulated with Vitamins C, B5, and L-Cysteine using Japanese skincare science. 

Can’t get enough of it!”, she added, as these are her nourishing must-haves to brighten her skin and show off her beauty that illuminates. Who knew that even simple things like skincare can help trigger such transformation?

Overcoming insecurities can be an endless battle. One day you feel at your most beautiful, the next day you realize you’re back to zero again. That’s why just like Beauty, you need to keep a routine that empowers you from the inside out. Achieve it with Hakubi White C and bring that beautiful you to light!

Discover more details on how Beauty bared her beauty by watching the FB Live in full through this link:

Hakubi White C is now available in Shopee, Lazada, and select Watsons stores. 

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