Bear Portable Juicer: Catch this on sale at Bear PH's Brand Feature on January 31!

Whether you need a new juicer to keep up with an active lifestyle, or you want something to take on trips, this multi-functional Mini Juicer is a must-have for anyone on the go. Catch this on sale at Bear PH's Brand Feature on January 31! Click here to shop now:

It's the best portable juicing cup that will slot right into your daily routine. Here's why Bear Juicer Home Mini Portable juicing cup is your partner for the busy bees:

It has a lightweight and compact design that will fit into gym bags or suitcases. The design will make them easy to transport from location to location, and still allow you to use them from your own kitchen. The whole machine is only 350g.

Portable, Rechargeable, and easy to carry around

Take it and go, it is as light as an ordinary water cup. It has a built in juicing program, 38 seconds automatic juicing! Once charged, it can squeeze 10 cups of juice continuously. 1400mAh lithium battery, one cup of juice a day, and one charge in ten days.

Super easy to use!

Put the fruit in the cup add water or milk. Double-click the button. Turn the body upside down and shake it gently. 

It has 304 stainless steel double blade that can evenly chop fruits. With its straight blade + Hook angle cutlass, Whirlpool created by high speed rotation, the juicing effect is excellent.

Easy to clean 

Easily wash away juice residue. Start the machine and use the whirlpool to clean the inside of the cup. Tool holder can be cleaned directly.  It's clean after a flush of water.

The cup body is made of PCTG material Harmless in food contact. 

Sturdy and durable. 

Waterproof charging port. Comes with soft rubber stopper. 

Automatic power-off. The blade no longer rotates. So as to avoid accidental touch and injury.

Accessories include a Cup body, 1 Cup cover, 1 Charging cable and Instruction manual.

This is definitely an affordable and portable juicer that you can buy on Shopee to get the new year off to a great start.

So don't forget to catch Bear PH's brand feature on Shopee on January 31! 

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