Farmskin, the Superfood for your Skin, is Now Available on Shopee

It's ALMOST the weekend! Yay! So here's a gentle reminder for you to do the self-care routine that you deserve. It's the perfect time to put that beauty sheet mask on while binge-watching your fave movie on Netflix! 

Have you tried Farmskin? An all natural and eco-friendly Korean skin care brand is now available on Shopee! Its products are known to have been derived from natural ingredients. Plus it is known to be cruelty free and ethically conscious in all its processes and practices, including its assurance to remove 6 skin-toxic ingredients that are still seen in other skin care products today.

Farmskin practices NO Triethanolamine, NO Ethanol, NO Methylparaben, NO Benzophenone-3, NO Talc, and NO Butylparaben. Which is why it is considered to be safe to use for all skin types and ages-even for pregnancy and to the most sensitive skin! 

Farmskin's Salad Facial Sheet Mask set has four types of packages that varies to your skin type needs. It has different healthy flavors that you can choose from that will let you break free from worries of your skin and just let these sheet masks do the healing.

Farmskin:Superfood Facial Sheet Mask Honey(Illuminating)

Farmskin:Superfood Facial Sheet Mask Mangosteen(Balancing)

Farmskin:Superfood Facial Sheet Mask Blueberry(Strengthening)   

One of my faves are the Customized puzzle soaps which could be a mix of your favorite benefits, even if they are two of the same variant! The soap looks very cute and colourful, plus I love the packaging and the soap is encased in plastic for added protection. 

Customize your own personal soaps by choosing the benefits and variants that would fit best with your skin and completing a set of 4: 

Each flavor provides a different benefit for the skin: 

Tomato- Revitalizing 🍅

Cranberry-Skin Plumping and hydrating 

Orange- Refreshing 🍊

Carrot- Pore care 

Mango- Nourishing 

Grape- Moisturizing 🍇

Cucumber- Soothing for sensitive skin 

Avocado- Smoothing for a clear face 

Blueberry- Energizing and skin strengthening 

Fig- Brightening 

Mangosteen- Skin Balancing 

Charcoal- Skin Purifying 

Want to have the brightened skin in an instant? Try the SuperFood Facial Cleansing foams!

Here's what I love the SuperFood Facial Cleansing foam: 

1. It is definitely good for all skin types, 

2. It has a unique technology called “safe fragrance” that is made out of natural and hypo allergenic ingredients 

3. Beet facial cleansing foam helps with giving you that natural rosy pink glow

 4. Avocado facial cleansing foam can help soothe any sensitivities and lastly,

5. They are available on Shopee!

I use Fresh Food Pomegranate Cleansing Foam (For Dry Skin) before putting on the FarmSkin face masks. It’s a perfect combination to achieve that glowing skin! This product was really made for dry skin. It’s not harsh unlike other facial foam, and my face feels smooth and still hydrated after using it.

It cleanses my face and removes my make up instantly. So I would really recommend this for people with dry skin like me. Plus it is:

  • Cruelty-Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Chemical free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Pregnancy safe
  • Silicone free
  • Sulfate-Free

Use Farmskin to kickstart a healthy lifestyle for your skin. Begin this habit now with all- natural ingredients from farm to skin. Shop for your favorite Farmskin products at: 

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