Check out Nuwhite products on Shopee Beauty and get up to 20% off shopwide!

WANT TO TRY THE MOST POWERFUL GLUTATHIONE? Check out Nuwhite products on Shopee Beauty and get up to 20% off shopwide!

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One of the luxe brands on Shopee is Nuwhite, which is the most innovative and most effective glutathione in the market today.  NuWhite food supplement can help not only with whitening, but we have studies to show that it can help with anti-aging action, liver protection and detoxification, skin nourishing, and a healthy immune system because it has antioxidants.

Nuwhite S-Acetyl Glutathione with Collagen Sodium Ascorbate and Vitamin E

Nuwhite is the first S-Acetyl Glutathione in the Philippines, a SUPERIOR and the only BIOAVAILABLE form of glutathione.  This new form of glutathione, a patented Italian S-Acetyl Glutathione  takes oral glutathione to the next level. It successfully addresses the problem of absorption limitations of oral glutathione and it is the most effective one in the market. Join the Nuwhite 28-Day Challenge today.

What is S-Acetyl Glutathione?

The most effective in-body form: It is the in-body form of glutathione that is clinically proven to deliver maximum bioavailability.

It is an all-in-one beauty supplement because it also contains collagen, sodium ascorbate and vitamin E. It is three times more powerful than other glutathione supplements and their formulation is more easily absorbed into the body.

- Most powerful: This is 3 times more powerful compared to Reduced L-Glutathione and delivers fast whitening and better results

- Well-absorbed and stable: It is well-absorbed and more stable than any other form of glutathione throughout the digestive tract

- Like an IV glutathione: The effect is comparable to an IV glutathione

- Clinical support shows that Nuwhite S-Acetyl Glutathione directly increases the levels of GSH in the body. This product has been consistently tested versus qualified commercial GSH, both in pre-clinical and clinical trials, in order to provide evidence of its fast whitening and effective benefits.

Nuwhite Whitening Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate with Zinc and Collagen 60 Veggie Caps

Nuwhite C is a combination of the non-acidic form of vitamin C, sodium ascorbate and other powerful ingredients like Zinc and Collagen that is gentle to the stomach but has enough power to whiten your skin while boosting your immune system. Its signature whitening immune system booster formula supports better health with the presence of several powerful anti-oxidants while keeping your skin’s radiance and elasticity while reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It is a complete 8-in-1 formula that you can take anytime, anywhere, that will make sure you look your best while keeping you healthy and protected. 


Sodium Ascorbate








 Just take 1-2 capsules of Nuwhite C and you’re good for your daily dose of beauty and immunity. Its as easy as that. 

This is an absolutely perfect Christmas gift for you or your bff! Try it and see the results for yourself. 

NuWhite is available on Shopee, so go visit their official store: Remember that buying something off the internet can be very risky. Look for the FDA approval, and also do your research about the products, the ingredients used, and where they were sourced from.

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