5 Ways to Get Your Child Involved in Acting

Some people are simply meant for the stage – and it’s apparent at a young age.

 Your child may be a natural at hamming it up in front of people, or has asked repeatedly to attend or be in local shows.

There are many ways for kid actors to jumpstart their time in the business, no matter what their age or where they live.

1. Go Local

There may be many resources available to you right in your backyard. Look first to your child’s school to see if there is a theatre program they can get involved in. There may also be many local community theaters they can become a part of.

Even if he or she is interested in working on television or movies, theatre training will provide a great foundation and invaluable experience.

Additionally, stage shows can give kids who are interested in being on stage a look at what goes on behind the scenes as well. They also tend to be quite a bit of work, so the experience will help teach your child about work ethic and the need to be fully committed.

A good foundation can also be built through proper classes. Research local acting schools and programs. If none are available, see if the community theaters offer any type of classes for children. Some schools may also offer acting as an elective or after-school program for enrichment.

2. Sign Up For Online Classes

You may find that the resources available to you in near proximity are lacking. Thankfully, the internet and availability to access things virtually has opened a world of opportunities for learning.

If you live on the east coast, you can enroll in classes on the west coast, and vice versa.

Be aware of possible scams, and do your research thoroughly. Anyone asking for money simply for advice is most likely not in the acting teacher’s realm for the right reasons.

3. Join Online Casting Sites

Once your child has some experience, be it local plays or acting classes, you’ll want to sign up for sites and communities that offer casting calls for a variety of acting mediums in many locations.

Be sure to prepare a personalized talent profile. This can include acting credits, skills, training, headshots, photos, videos, and audio clips.

This will give those seeking talent a clear picture of who your child is.

4. Get An Agent

Agents can be wonderful if you want someone seasoned to guide you through the audition process, as well as research for and alert you of potential castings that are appropriate for your child.

Again, do in-depth research and be aware of scams. Talk to others in the acting community you’ve encountered to see if they have any recommendations.

5. Create Your Own Content

Nowadays, kids are taking matters into their own hands and creating digital content via channels like YouTube and TikTok. Casting directors do look at actors’ social media, so help your child curate an appropriate profile that highlights his or her talents.

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