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Skin care is something we do every day, but it's no wonder that not a lot of time and energy has been spent on looking for the right skin care products, that is why the result is so unsatisfactory. So what are the basic skin care steps + some of the skincare must-haves that you should add to cart on Shopee? Today I will give you a summary!

Let's start with one of my top favorites in Lanbena which is the LANBENA TCM Scar and Acne Mark Removal Gel Ointment

The LANBENA TCM Scar and Acne Removal Ointment is a scar and acne removal gel which works to fade scars caused by surgery, wounds, acne, and burns. It can also be used to treat stretch marks and skin redness. This ointment is formulated with niacinamide, purslane extract, and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Best part? You can get it for only Php135 on Shopee! :) 

Next is the LANBENA Serum Series. I love using it because of its effectiveness. It helps my pimples dry quickly and calms skin irritation. This serum also has a transparent liquid, runny texture with light viscosity. It gets absorbed quickly, non sticky and brightens my dark marks. When it comes to packaging, I really like the glass bottle that comes with a dropper. I've been using this for a month and  I'm happy with the results. Best part? Super affordable and you can get it at Shopee for only ₱79, from its retail price of ₱200!

Also, don't forget to follow the correct skin care sequence:

Makeup Remover-Cleansing-Water-Eye Serum-Eye Cream-Facial Essence/Serum-Mask-Lotion/Cream

LANBENA offers a wide variety of serums with each targeting specific problem areas:

1. LANBENA Vitamin C Serum: This product has efficient whitening and freckle removing properties, making it capable of brightening and moisturizing the skin, and removing stains and freckles.

2. LANBENA 24K Gold Serum:  Containing high-activity small molecule 24K Nano-gold and Nonapeptide-1 ingredients, with strong permeation and anti-aging ability, this serum can deeply nourish and condition the skin, improve dull skin, enhance skin's elasticity, help skin defend aging, and keep skin delicate and active.

3. LANBENA Hyaluronic Acid Serum: This serum contains snail secretion filtrates and sodium hyaluronate to rejuvenate, moisturize, nourish, and lift the skin while making it firm. 

4. LANBENA Acne Treatment Serum: LANBENA oligopeptide anti-acne serum reduces acne marks, repairs the damaged skin, shrinks pores, and strengthens the skin

5. LANBENA Pore Shrink Serum: Rich in such essential ingredients such as six peptides and hyaluronic acid, this product reduces fine lines, prevents wrinkles, improves loose skin, lifts and moisturizes the skin, keeps it firm and hydrated, and slows down aging.

LANBENA Acne Treatment Series Serum

1. Acne Treatment Gel: The gel is light and it can be quickly absorbed. It will effectively treat acne and pimples, help to undo skin damage, prevent future pimples and fade acne marks.

2. Acne Treatment Serum 15ml: LANBENA oligopeptide anti-acne serum reduces acne marks, repairs the damaged skin, shrinks pores, and strengthens the skin

3. Acne Pimple Patch Daily Use (25Patches) & Acne Pimple Patch Night Use (28Patches): Absorb the secretions effectively while protecting the area, to flatten and soothe your skin.

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