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If you’re looking for the ONE accessory you need for any outfit that gives you eye protection and personal style, you’re in the right place. Peculiar Eyewear includes trendy, sturdy, fashionable eyewear with quality lenses, polarized sunglasses, and computer/gadget protection eyewear that are intended to block blue light and UV rays. Their frames are meant to be worn indoors and outdoors. 

It's the only eyewear in the Philippines with certification for UV400 and BlueLight blocking technology! They don’t promise vision correction. However, they claim to protect your eyes from the damaging effects of the sun and your digital life or excessive screen use.

 It is no wonder celebrities, and well-known personalities chose Peculiar eyewear. Not only because of the high quality of their eyewear but also for its affordability and exceptional return policy (30 days) which you can purchase on Shopee where you can get up to 85% OFF, or on their e-commerce page and on their website

Each Peculiar Eyewear has:

  • anti-radiation
  • UV400 protection
  • blue light filter technology
  • eco friendly and sustainable
  • international and local recognition
  • transition/ photochromic lens
  • PASS International Standard for quality control
  • provides 100% protection for an affordable price
  • Has SafeShield and BlueShield technology to help reduce eye stress
  • Money back guarantee if the product failed bluelight testing

Broadcast journalist Ces Drilon is one of the endorsers of Peculiar who believes in the core values of the brand and has helped CEO Isaac Saliendra develop strategies to hone the brand. Check this link:  to shop from the Ces Style x Peculiar collection.

Package and Production

To guarantee the safety of Peculiar eyewear, all their eyewear are assembled in the Philippines from cutting the lens, and testing the lens for quality control. Said eyewear need to pass the naked eye test 3x then UV400 and BlueLight machine test (Spectrum Transmission) individually before being sent. 

✅ Eyeglass/eyewear comes with a free protective case and microfiber wiper, harmful light tester so you will know said items pass quality control. I shared a short video on Instagram testing real real UV-blue light blocking lenses. Check it here.

✅ Peculiar Eyeglass / Eyewear lenses protect fully against harmful blue light while offering an attractive, near-clear look. The lenses are non graded but can be replaced. 

✅Eyeglass / Eyewear Design for both men and women use, affordable, and has fixed nose pad with extra comfort.

✅ Anti-radiation glasses have the functions of absorbing Low-frequency microwave, and the wearer would have a fresh and natural vision without compromising your fashion. It can also prevent headache, migraine and other eyes irritating problem cause of too much exposure from harmful rays.

👓 Key points about Harmful Light!

Like ultraviolet radiation, high-energy visible blue light has both benefits and dangers. Here are important things you should know about blue light:

1. Blue light is everywhere.

2. HEV blue light rays make the sky look blue.

3. The eye is not very good at blocking blue light.

4. Blue light exposure may increase the risk of macular degeneration.

5. Blue light contributes to digital eye strain.

6. Blue light protection may be even more important after cataract surgery.

7. Not all blue light is bad. 

There are two kinds of blue light—the good and the bad. The good one helps boost brain activity, improve memory, mood and alertness, while the latter can damage the retina and increase the risk for eye problems.

So, how do you know if anti-radiation glasses are legit?

Not all anti-radiation glasses are legit. Think twice if you're getting cheap anti-blue light glasses from online sellers without even having to consult an eye care specialist, because there's a lot of fake anti-radiation glasses in the market.

True anti-radiation glasses are tested, as well as the quality of the optics and the blue coating and their effectiveness in blocking the bad blue light coming from electronic screens. 

For Eyewear Maintenance, here's a tip: don't use any alcohol or disinfectant with alcohol for cleaning the lens. This might result on damaging the protective filter of eyewear. Use mild soap or dishwashing liquid with water as a better substitute. Also, use 100% cotton fabric when cleaning the lens.

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  1. Yes po, ang iba nagsell di nman legit na anti radiation. Buti nlng may Peculiar Eyewear, satisfied at kampante ako na eto gamit ng kids lalo naka ol class sila. Mganda din yang frame mo Momsh 🙂


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