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My kids are huge fans of Alaska Powdered Milk drink, as well as the Alaska Choco Milk Drink. They love how it tastes and I do agree that it's really yummy. Yes, I tried it to check why my kids love it so much!

I give recos for products that have been truly tried and tested and I am not the person who will recommend products that present people with miracles or false claims. Unless I absolutely love the brand like Alaska Milk and would also recommend it to other momshies, I wouldn’t share it here.

And that, my friend, is the reason why I'm sharing the nutritious and now more delicious drink for kids: new Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink! Together with a balanced diet, Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink is packed with essential nutrients and ready to help Filipino kids reach their tamang tangkad at bigat for their age!

Packed with the essential nutrients, Alaska’s ready-to-drink products are the perfect beverages for active people on-the-go! That's why my kids never fail to start the day with a glass of Alaska Powdered Milk. I even hoarded a bit (or maybe a lot) on Shopee! May alas ka sa Alaska Fortified, dahil ang 1-kilo packs, may EXTRA grams na! Kaya ang tulong sa Lakas at Talas, mas affordable na! Tulong sa Lakas at Talas sa umaga together with a balanced diet with Alaska! #MayAlasKa ​

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Alaska Choco Milk Drink is Yuan's fuel for fun in the morning. Alaska Choco Milk Drink takes the nutritional vitamins and minerals of Alaska Milk, and combines them with the chocolate taste that kids love! Ready to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime!

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  1. Dameng deals ni alaska. Kaya kapag sale kame nakakabili kasi may discounts and freebies sila..


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