Bonchon Hearts Blinks | K-Chicken with limited edition Blackpink Pepsi cans for the Ultimate Blinks

How to kill hunger pangs? That’s easy, Chingu! 

How about K-Chicken with matching limited edition Pepsi cans featuring a hugely popular all-female Kpop group?

Order from BonChon in your area the K-Chikin Sampler, a perfect mix of K-Style & Klassic Fried Chikin, and just add P25 for limited edition Pepsi cans made for the ultimate #Blinks!

That’s right!  Bonchon loves its K-Crazy regulars that it’s taking the chicken game to another level with its Triple Sampler that has three Korean chicken glaze favorites in one and K-Chickin Sampler that features Bonchon’s signature K-Style glazed chicken and the newest K-crunch Klassic Fried Chickin.

 Enjoy any of the two, or why not both, with the Pepsi collector’s item cans featuring the members of a favorite KPop group for only P25 per can. Collect to a Blink heart’s content and get all 8 cans to complete the set.

This is Bonchon’s way of providing a delicious and fun K-experience while binge-watching your favorite K-Drama series or online K-Pop concert with your loved ones at home. This is Bonchon’s way of staying true as it says “Saranghae”. Visit your favorite Bonchon store to pick up your orders or call for delivery via 8633-1818 (Metro Manila) and corresponding delivery numbers assigned nationwide. Orders may also be done online via

Kamshahmnida, Chingu!

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