Jump-Start your Child’s Champion Journey with MILO Home Court's Fun and Interactive Online Classes

As we continue to stay at home and go through distance learning, most of us parents are finding it challenging to think of more creative ways to keep our kids active and healthy — especially while balancing working from home, managing the household, and checking online school lessons. It’s a lot!

Sadly, closures of schools, parks, and other public places have forced many kids to temporarily forget about trying out sports and physical activities. Social distancing also lessens the opportunity for them to exercise, especially if outdoor physical activity is not the safest due to our current situation, crowded outdoor spaces, bad weather, etc.

Despite all of these factors, I believe that this is the perfect time for our kids to try something new, like a new sport that can keep them active and healthy, even while staying at home and practicing social distancing.

Good thing MILO, which has been a valuable partner of parents as they equip and maximize their kids’ potential through sports and values, has launched the MILO Home Court campaign. It’s a digital-based sports program that provides excellent opportunities for kids to stay active and productive as we continue to stay indoors. I really love how MILO transformed its signature sports clinics to digital as they continue to get more and more kids into a healthy and active lifestyle at home and inspires them to bring out their best selves to become champions in sports and in life.

MILO Home Court has the MILO Sports Clinics Online (MSCO), which are led by MILO’s expert coaches from partner sports organizations. These are modules of fun and exciting sports that can be found on the MILO Philippines YouTube channel for FREE, so your child can learn the basics and fundamentals. It’s organized by professional coaches from MILO’s sports partner organizations to make sure that you can properly guide them while having an energizing day of physical activity at home.

For MSCO, we tried out Physical Literacy organized by the UP College of Human Kinetics. I was able to guide Yuan in doing some of the activities that will help him learn physical FUNdamentals through games, and develop speed, agility, and reaction time. Also, I'm surprised that the modules were so easy for us to follow.

Because of the champion energy that he gets from drinking his favorite drink, MILO, and from MSCO, he became more active and attentive in his afternoon Zoom session with his classmates. Physical activity and sports really do wonders! 

MILO Home Court also has the MILO Sports Interactive Online Classes (MSIOC), which are real-time sessions with coaches for a minimum participation fee of Php 1,000, inclusive of 4 to 12 classes, depending on the sport and organizer. We participated in the Multi-Sport class with Game on Sports PH, which offers a more hands-on coaching via Zoom with other moms and their kids. The class was super fun, engaging, and interactive, and Coach Erik was very friendly, warm, and welcoming to us.

I was so happy to see how eager Yuan is to try and learn basketball basics which we never thought we'd be doing at home and I’m proud of him as he learned how to throw and and dribble the ball on his own. That's just a few of the many new skills he developed while training through MSCO and MSIOC. I hope he continues because being active teaches you values like discipline, confidence, and teamwork. This will definitely help him when he grows up to be a champion.

So, moms and dads, make sure to enroll your kids so they can also try out these super fun online classes. Surely, these will all help jump-start and enhance your child’s champion journey even at home. 

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To all the other moms who joined the challenge, continue the champion journey for your child to stay active, healthy, and productive, and reach their sporting dreams!

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