Journal In to Journey On | Viviamo's 2021 Belle de Jour Power Planners are here!

The wait is over! Here are the 2021 Viviamo journal products which are thoughtfully, intuitively and beautifully designed to help people achieve whatever they desire and help them journey courageously through life.

Super love the 2021 Belle de Jour Power Planners! To celebrate Viviamo Inc's 15th anniversary, they are gearing towards reaching 15million square meters of PH virgin rainforest and all the wildlife covered  in Palawan as their main advocacy for this milestone. They'll make it happen by donating proceeds from their product sales to a specific organization which they will share soon!

This 2021, BDJ’s theme will remind us that we are one with the earth and we are growing together. We are in the process of being whole again and trusting that all will be well. They say, a good crystal grows slowly, so regardless if there is a pause or you are slowing down, remember to just keep going. (keep dreaming and keep planning to live a meaningful life!)

This a year everyone will remember. As we’ve been locked in our homes, every day balancing fear and anxiety over the uncertainties brought about by a global pandemic, we hear a quiet rebellion, with some of us saying--oh this year doesn’t count, this year is cancelled, my planner is a waste. Yet in this time of great pause we really cannot deny: we are also given the choice to simply be, to get to know ourselves again, to journey deep in that space within where all is well.

Though many of our plans seem to have turned upside down, does that mean we should stop going after our goals and passions? What if we are given this pause to recalibrate, to course-correct, to redesign ourselves? And to help Filipinos continue to journey through life courageously, Viviamo, maker of the Belle de Jour (BDJ) Power Planner, launches its 2021 planner and journal collection on September 19-20, at the First Planning and Journaling Online Summit: #YouGotThis. 

#YouGotThis was created because now more than ever, this message needs to be felt, and heard, and passed around. At a time when we must distance ourselves from each other to survive, we can’t ignore the human yearning to still connect--and isn’t it that the most important connection we can make, is with our Inner Selves? When we are forced to strip down to the barest of essentials, we journey deeper within, and with the help of pen and paper we begin to acknowledge our emotions, start to power through anxiety, again remember our dreams, then recommit to our goals, and in the process, rediscover the strength and power of our innermost  Selves. 
Viviamo promises a 2021 collection like no other; thoughtfully, intuitively and beautifully designed products to help you achieve whatever you desire and journey courageously through life.
Balance dreams and responsibilities with the 2021 Belle de Jour Power Planner.

Viviamo’s flagship offering, the Belle de Jour Power Planner, inspires you to “Grow with the Earth”. As we experience change and chaos in the present, and even when things aren’t going to plan, there is always a silver lining—that all will eventually be well, and we are in the process of becoming whole again. Now on its 15th year, BDJ recommits to growth with a logo refresh. 
The 2021 BDJ Planner features monthly narratives and worksheets to help you stay focused and connected to yourself, and motivated on your goals. Meanwhile, the weekly spreads provide enough space for your priorities, schedules, and self-care mantras. 

With four beautifully designed covers, the 2021 BDJ planner is the perfect companion for whatever life phase you are going through. Whether you are in for a pause or you are slowing down, remember to journey on with your dreams and keep planning to live a meaningful life!

BDJ Classic (Php598)

Matte laminated hardcover with gold holo stamping and uv lamination and illustration of the 2021 Bella

BDJ Limited Edition (Php598)

Matte laminated hardcover with silver holo stamping logo of the 2021 theme

BDJ Leather (Php680)

Velvet soft bound black leather with gold holo stamping of 2021 elements and quote

BDJ DiscBound (Php995)

Gold holo-stamped velvet black leather with disc binding for users who want to customize planner pages

2021 Navi Planner  (Php598)

Navi 2021 concept is about lighthouses, significant to travellers, especially those who travel by sea. When the dark envelops the ocean, lighthouses serve as a guide so they can reach the shore safely—they lead us back to where we need to go.

In this trying times with the pandemic, this illustration can lead us to either become a lighthouse in the current darkness we’re in for others who need guidance and are lost in the sea.

Bound by an intricately-designed matte leather cover, the journal contains 176 full colored pages and an expandable back pocket for storing your travel essentials like tickets, cash, postcards, among others.


Featuring lighthouses that will remind us to trust where the winds are taking and where the light points us towards


Write down your monthly plans and your week’s highlights in the horizontal weekly layout with notes pages


Worksheet pages help you visualize your travel goals and carefully map out your future adventure with ease

 2021 Everything is Possible (EIP) planner (Php598)

The 2021 Everything is Possible (EIP) planner focuses on the concept of ‘breakthrough’—the change that happens to your life that will transform you to the person you’re always meant to be—your life’s purpose. Achieving breakthrough requires openness to possibilities and courage to break the walls of your limitations.

This concept will remind you that sometimes you might feel stuck and hopeless but it doesn’t mean it’s the end, a life you’ve always wanted to achieve is waiting for you behind those walls, all you have to do is breakthrough.

Focus 2021 (Php550)

Focus 2021 will create positive change within yourself and help create a mindset that will prepare you with all the challenges that the world will inevitably throw in your way.

Featuring 176 full colored pages bound in a matte laminated hardcover with texture, Focus Journal allows you to surrender your thoughts and worries on paper and align to your mind and spirit’s purpose and desires.

 2021 Petit Planner  (Php350)

The 2021 Petit Planner cover peg is minimalist typography in neon accent color for a more unisex style. It comes with zippered plastic covers that can be an instant pocket or a secondary wallet for your cards, bills, and receipts. Get the functionality of a regular-sized planner in a portable and handy way.

Quest Journal

Its versatility and beautiful  Quest Journal cover make it a perfect companion for almost anybody. Consider it a blank canvas that will allow you to have your planner or journal your way.

It contains two elastics for refillable and interchangeable notebooks as well as a vinyl zippered pouch, with small pockets for cards, photos, receipts and random documents. An elastic cord holds everything in place.

BDJ Notebook - Php480

In line with the  Jour Power Planner’s 15th Anniversary, this beautiful and sleek BDJ Notebook is a perfect companion for almost anybody. Comes with soft bound leather with 2021 BDJ concept design in rainbow stamping and logo debossing. It comes with cream paper and dot printing, perfect for writing down quick notes and random thoughts

Calendar Pad - Php288

The Calendar Pad features tear-off  sheets with new crystal design and an old favorite—intricate paisley design.Both designs can let users bring to life by adding colors. Versatile is the best word to describe this calendar since users can customize and utilize it in two ways:

First, as a monthly guide where dates are placed from left to right. And second, as a weekly guide where the boxes are vertically filled by the hour.

This year, Viviamo also journeys toward sustainability. All 2021 Viviamo Planners are all Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified which means that products are made with sustainably sourced paper that were produced with responsible forestry in mind. 

The Viviamo 2021 Planner Collection is here. Our circumstances may have changed, but the future belongs to all of us who journey on. Continue your courageous journey by journaling with the new collection of Viviamo available at and in all major bookstores nationwide. 

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