Micro Plant Powder GOLD | My Review, Thoughts, and What Have You

As moms, we worry A LOT especially now that there’s a pandemic. We worry about our family's health. We worry about safety. We worry about not doing enough for our family and when we get sick, and we worry about who is going to take care of our kids.

Aside from these unhealthy worries, we tend to ignore our health while we take care of the needs of our children and other family members. Obviously, doing this is not a very wise thing to do, especially if you're aware that you need to take action to better your health.

So this is your loving reminder to make your health a top priority. It's pretty simple. The more you take care of yourself, the better you feel and the better you are at taking care of others. To optimally take care of your family, it is important that you take care of your overall health.

As a mom of two, I've learned that moms don't get days off. My boss baby doesn't give out lunch breaks, holidays, or weekends off. BUT I also learned that dragging through each day doesn't have to be the norm. So no matter how tired I am, I always try my best to hustle each day while enjoying my favorite healthy drink.
So what's in my bottle? Glad you asked… I like to call it my "get all the things D-O-N-E and feel good while doing it bottle of healthy goodness". I start my morning with a bottle of Micro Plant Powder Gold every single day for full body detox! It has 100% natural & organic ingredients that give my body what it needs to heal itself.

I am determined to get better and healthier for my kids so I have been drinking this for over a week already, and guess what? I can already tell a difference in the stiffness of my joints. I have CTS ( Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) and its trademark weakness, numbness, tightness, and tingling in the hand and fingers. It's also the reason for my clumsiness and ganaps, because there are times that the numbness of my fingers make it hard for me to grip things like a pen, coffee cup handle, or other objects. I have nothing to blame but my narrow wrist and a job that involves intensive typing.

I know this condition soooo well because it was the topic I happened to pick for my Final Oral Revalida, which I passed with flying colors through blood, sweat, tears of learning anatomy and by rummaging through cadavers. My case is not serious though, so shaking out my hand gets rid of the numbness or discomfort, but I know that over time the sensations may get worse. So I'm really thankful for Micro Plant Powder Gold because it really helps alleviate the symptoms.

Also, I couldn't be happier because since I started drinking it, I have not had one migraine, insomnia, and dysmenorrhea. It's like my body is finally getting the right supplements it's been craving for a long time. I suddenly don't look as tired as I really am and it keeps the bloat away! I've read that it pulls out toxins like virus, fungi and bacteria from the colon and digestive tract. Plus it stimulates metabolism for sustained energy and it really works! It gives me the extra energy I need to keep up with my super kulit toddler. It's really amazing!

So, I just thought I'd let any of my fellow mommies know and if you're someone who is in a chronic state of  inflammation due to the stressful nature of our lives (lack of sleep, unhealthy diets, anxiety, stress, worry, etc.) Micro Plant Powder Gold helps you fight the inflammation, oxidative stress, and other heart conditions with its heart-boosting effects. It is vital to your overall health to make you feel better, both physically and mentally. Adding it to your diet can help you feel amazing, thus allowing you to perform at your best.

Here, let me tell you some of the amazing benefits of Micro Plant Powder:

• FULL BODY DETOX as it helps to detoxify the body of bacteria and pollutants and keeps your body cleaned and nourished and helps oxygenate the blood
 • Soften the heart valves and dilate the arteries for excellent blood flow
 • Helps with catching up on sleep loss and balancing all body systems 
• Lowers high blood pressure naturally
• Improves joint and bone health and encourages healthy building of cartilage
• Fades age spots and has anti-aging properties
• Stimulates metabolism for higher energy levels 
• Reduces inflammation 
• Lessens undesirable side-effects of menopause
 • Can help prevent kidney stones and heal urinary tract infections 
• Improves skin, hair, and nails 
• Regular bowel movements 
• Less brain fog
 • It's a fresh water food grade product that is gluten free, ant-inflammatory and has a PH value of 8 that help alkalize the body (FYI: Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment) 
• Healthier respiratory tract with less coughing better breathing
 • The probiotics and Iodine in Micro Plant Powder Gold keeps cancer and radiation away and will protect the organs while the Probiotics allow for great digestion and a balanced stomach flora. 

What’s more? 

May forever with Micro Plant Powder Gold because it has 100 year shelf life and a great food storage, which means mas sulit and cheaper because it will take the place of most products used today on your shelf. 

Recommended dosage: 1 sachet three times a day but you may take more or less according to your needs. You can mix it in any type of milk or liquid. It is recommended to drink more water to help flush toxins. Can be taken before or after meals and is safe with all medications.

Micro Plant Powder Gold (Php960 for 1 pack or Php2400 / Box of 11 sachets) is affordable for everyone and available online: https://bestorganic.ph/ 

For any of you mommies and daddies, or titos and titas who need an ultimate health booster, I highly recommend this because IT DOES WORK and has many great health benefits.

Love yourself enough by taking care of your health and by giving your immune system the “jump start” it needs with great nutrition. If you want to give it a shot, it's worth it. I promise.

Most of all, remember that you deserve the best health possible and you're doing your best... and these difficult moments, days, and weeks will not last forever.


a tired (but still thinks she's super) momma ☺


  1. wow ang daming benefits😍 really need this momsh😊

  2. I really like this kind of drink pwede sya pamalit sa kape.at ang dameng health benefits

  3. I really like this kind of drink pwede sya pamalit sa kape.at ang dameng health benefits

  4. Would love to try this too. Ang healthy and ang daming benefits.

  5. The best talaga ang organic product , yes to organic . Bukod sa healthy madami pang benefits

  6. Wow.. Interesting! would love to try this drink..and its good that its organic Good for our body ��

  7. Great product, but sometimes lousy customer service. Going through this right now. Been a month since I received an email, saying the order is being processed. Still haven't received order. No working phone number. Customer service chat on their website isn't working sometimes.No response to my emails. Might be out of $66.00


Any comments, my dear?