Skincare Tips During Pandemic | Feed Your Skin with Diwatang Maria Beauty Soap

Kumusta ang Sunday and #FathersDay niyo guys? Gustuhin ko man mag-chill today, pero eto ako nag-aayos ng orders ng face mask. Napapagod pero 'di susuko.

And here's another one na di ko susukuan... #skincare Feed your skin with organic and non-toxic skincare products to keep it healthy and glowing. That's why I'm using Diwatang Maria Sinukuan. It has Papaya Enzyme, Glutathione, and Kojic Acid, which all have powerful antioxidants that cleanse and lighten the skin.

Now that General Community Quarantine is in effect, we are now faced with different burdens especially that we have to adjust to the new ‘normal’.  One of the things that concern us is how we look when we go back to work? We had a challenging time during the almost 3 months of lockdown plus the many stressors we had to hurdle every day for sure took a toll on our skin. For several weeks we had no access to our different skin clinics and GCQ doesn’t guarantee that these service providers will reopen to serve their patrons.

But before our skin condition gets more terrible, let’s know some skin care tips from the founder of Diwatang Maria, a premium beauty soap brand, which prides itself as 100% Filipino brand, all-natural and eco-friendly.

Ma. Concepcion Macalintal shared this skincare tips how to feed our skin the nutrients its needs to keep it healthy and glowing.

1.       Know your skin. Before jumping into any beauty routine, it is necessary to know your skin type. Each skin type has different needs and not everything we put on or use for our skin is good for us.

2.       Clean according to your skin type. People with normal skin usually are not worried about the products they use on their faces and for those who have sensitive skin cannot just use anything, but according to Macalintal, gentle soaps or facial foams are best for all skin types.

 “For oily or sensitive skin, it is good to use lukewarm water when cleansing the face and just pat dry with a clean towel, never rub the towel on your face.”

She added to avoid soaps that contain alcohol, paraben, or toxic ingredients. “Look for ingredients like shea butter, oats, or aloe, these are known for calming effects on our skin.”

3.       Moisturize.  As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and moisturizing can help the skin to stay supple and hydrated. “Look for moisturizers that are best for your skin types. Moisturizing the skin is better done while you are still young to young,”

4.       Sunscreen is a must. The harmful UV rays from the sun can cause the skin to age rapidly and wearing sunscreen all the time will delay the signs of aging.

5.       Feed your skin. Medical studies have shown that the food we eat affects our complexion and choosing the right diet and food that contains necessary nutrients for healthy skin will surely reflect on your complexion. Here are some of the foods that are healthy for the skin.

  Cocoa – Rich in antioxidants and can help hydrate the skin. It also improves circulation.
  Oats – Aside from the rich fiber it provides, which helps our digestive system, oats can soothe irritation and itching. According to Lisa Drayer, MA, RD, author of The Beauty Diet, oats prompt the body to produce insulin and increase the production of hormones known as androgens. “Elevated androgens cause sebaceous glands in the skin to secrete more oil that gets trapped inside pores, causing pimples.”
  Carrots – Rich in vitamin A and known for its good effects on the skin. A study done in the United Kingdom in 2011 showed that people who eat more carrots have more glowing skin.
  Eggs – A single egg is packed with proteins and it has selenium that is a powerful antioxidant.
  Papaya – We all love papaya not because of it is well known for its enzymes that can whiten the skin but this fruit is also rich in vitamin A and rich in fiber.

6.       Use non-toxic skincare products. The number one enemy of our skin is the chemicals we unknowingly apply on our faces, arms, legs and body. “This is what makes Diwatang Maria, a good choice. Diwatang Maria soap variants clearly show the ingredients they contain. We sometimes overlooked the labels of the products we are using because we heard from our friends or family members that a certain beauty product was effective. I think one of the best ways to address our skin problems is to be aware of the things we use,” Macalintal stressed.

Diwatang Maria is a proud Filipino brand, which uses premium natural ingredients to ensure efficacy and safety. It has three variants – Diwatang Maria Sinukuan with colloidal oatmeal, kernels, coconut oil, aloe vera, glutathione, and kojic acid; Diwatang Maria Makiling with papaya enzymes, coconut oil, kojic acid and aloe vera; Diwatang Maria Cacao with colloidal oatmeal, kernels, shea butter and aloe vera.

Diwatang Maria also supports other Filipino independent brands that are helping fight the social and economic crises caused by the pandemic through initiatives and efforts. “We are part of Lift Lokal. Through this new online platform, you get access to the latest discounts and deals from countless Filipino independent brands, support jobs through your purchases, and promote causes that keep us safe from COVID-19. This is a call to save our economy and to leave no one behind as we battle this crisis,” Macalintal added.

Macalintal also invited entrepreneurial individuals to join Diwatang Maria as distributors or resellers. “We are offering exciting packages for those who want to be our partners in the business. Let’s take advantage of earning at the comfort of our homes since most of the people now prefer work from home arrangements.”

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  1. Gusto ko yang Diwatang Maria..Im sure maganda yan lalo na at organic,talagang safe sa skin .Thank you po sa skincare tips dami ko natutunan ..

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  3. oatmeal is perfect for my oily and acne prone skin..Ma try nga din to momsh �� Thanks for sharing this and for the tips.


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