What Does the New Normal Look Like After COVID-19?

Wearing masks and face shield
Social distancing
Working from home
Online Advertising/Business
Sharing knowledge online
Virtual meetings
Cashless/online payments
Online classes
Online contest/giveaway
Proper habits and health-conscious norms (No spitting, coughing and sneezing in public)
Online Masses and worship services
Virtual events (No sports events, concerts, meet-and-greet events, parties)

Is this what your new normal looks like?

I hope these strange times have not been too distressing for you and your loved ones.

To the front line staff, I salute you. To those of you going back to work, please keep your distance and stay safe.

And to some people who already fled to the malls, not observing social distance and violating some protocols to prevent the further spread of the virus... *sigh 😩 I'm sorry, but I won't thank you for being so careless and selfish!

Now that COVID looks like it’s here to stay, (the war is far from over even if lockdown ends) or as things start to shift, we’re all going to have to get used to a new normal. It’s not always easy, but we’re all playing our part. It's our collective responsibility. The question is, are you ready for it?

If not, that's okay. Really can't wait to get back to the old normal (Ang dating normal) but who knows when that will be? Aren't we all reaching for that finish line feels? Right now, there is no finish line. No end date. After more than 2 months of home quarantine, I certainly slowed the pace to take a bit of time to enjoy the nature and beauty around me ⏳ After this crisis, I hope that our environment would stay clean. I hope there is still fresh air to breathe.

I know that some people are hanging on to get back to the old normal, hoping every day that it will return. And there are days that we're NOT okay. But that's okay. Be kind to yourself. Stay in your bubble. Go at your own pace. And though there's a constant tug to embrace change, do what's best for you. Take all the time you need. Everything just seems so uncertain and unsafe right now.

Anxiety, just like covid-19, is extremely contagious.

But so is calm. We have a choice. We could either find joy during these unprecedented times, or stay miserable. I'm choosing joy because the other option simply sucks. LOL Embracing the new normal will always be a challenge for me. But I choose to stay positive and take deep breaths when I'm  feeling sad. God knows there's probably better ways than how I am living this quarantine life. But for now, this is enough and I'll do whatever it takes to keep us all safe.

Remember that these are the days that bring us together no matter how we're physically apart.

Note to self:


Adapt to the changing conditions during these unprecedented times.

Know the facts, not fear.

Be kind to yourself.

Don’t wear a mask for yourself, but for the person near you.

Know the real essentials (food, shelter, health) because there's more to life than wearing expensive brand clothes or driving a fancy car.

How about you? How do you deal with this new norm?

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  1. Arriane Faye barreraMay 18, 2020 at 8:08 PM

    In the midst of times of uncertainty it serves us to reflect on how thankful we are might help to calm us, reduce fears and expectations, open us to greater clarity and love, and fuel action grounded in our deep intentions. It may not cure or solve our anxiety or concerns but it can foster ease, connection, kindness, and well-being Gratitude cannot save us from sickness or suffering, but . can change how we experience it
    I'm so thankful to See the Privileges of the Ordinary — In the midst of a focus on how much is being lost, keep noticing all the blessings that remain. Allowing myself to appreciate and be in awe of what is available to me: phones, electricity, showers, the beauty and resilience of the natural world, all the parts of your body that work, the services and systems that serve your ability to function, and so much more

    Joined po ❤️

  2. keep fighting lang mamsh may awa ang dyos di nya tayo pababayaan ❤😊

  3. Be possitive sa lahat ng pag subok sating buhay .. Fighting lang po 💪💪
    Godbless 🙏😇

  4. I live this article. . It inspires a lot.. Tnx momsh, In times ofof problems I believe Pray is the Key.. God is alive ❤️

  5. Be always possitive po sa laht ng pagsubok sa buhay .tiwala lang lahwt po ng itoy ating malalagpasan sa tulong ng ating panginoon 🙏😇.. Fighting lang po tayo ..💪💪

  6. Thanks for sharing the new normal looks momsh.Kami ng family ko sinasanay ba namin yong mga sarili naman sa new normal lalo na ang mga bagets namin mahirap pero dapat yon ang gawin fo safety na rin.Keep praying lang matatapos din ito.

  7. No choice but to embrace the new normal... Safety first.. sumunod na lang sa protocols para ayos ang ang lahat.. and also thank you po for sainyong mommy bloggers na tumutulong saming mga mommies ...laking tulong po ng pagiveaways nyo. Lalo na ngayon na walang stable work pa din ang karamihan..

  8. Face it and sacrifice obey the rules and the important is let's self discipline is the best thing to do and thank you momsh for inspiring me on your article

  9. Thnk you for these tips Mommy Michelle ..im a strong kind of person but really sa tagal ko na sa bahay this really is getting on me..there are times na nabubugnot na talaga ko asking why and when kaya tayo babalik sa dating normal as you say..but prayers helped me until now.. there's always a reason why this is happening and just keeping myself busy para atleast di ako masyadong nagiisip ��

  10. Nakaka sad talaga momshie mapapaisip kananlang kailan kaya ito matatapos lahat , pero kailangan natin maging positibo at mag ingat for our kids and family, dapat stay muna tayo sa bahay for our frontliners too pagod na pagod na sila .. thank you for encouraging us momsh stay safe godbles

    Ig: hnhfua
    Yt: hanah fua
    Fb: han fua


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