A Note of Gratitude to Our Frontline Heroes in the Fight Against COVID-19

The coronavirus is bringing out the good, the bad and the ugly.

Believe it or not, there is plenty of good to see. Mother Earth is healing. Humans too?

I sure hope so. Maybe Mother Nature is teaching us not to take things for granted -- the blue sky, the sunset, fresh air, the smell of flowers; love and care among families; and happiness in the embrace of our Loving God.

There's kindness, compassion, and courage. It can be found in the dedication by people working tirelessly and putting their own health at risk for others during this COVID-19 pandemic. They are our frontliners.

They are also the groups of people who initiate donation drives for medical supplies for patients and healthcare workers. They're even our neighbors helping us out or buying some essential supplies in the grocery.

But with the good comes the bad and the ugly.

These are the people who think they are invincible. People who ignore advice to wash their hands, and don't practice social distancing because they think it's OA or overacting. They’re also the ones who hoard and feel that their best shield from this disease is a room full of alcohol and toilet paper. They are the fraudsters who are using the pandemic to capitalize on a fearful public and offer surgical masks and alcohol for a steep price.

The bad news is that there are people dying in the hospitals and even in their homes. And they die ALONE. Some of them are very poor and homeless. Can you imagine where they'll take their last breath? In the streets. This is one of the tragic and nightmareish scenes of a crime but the suspect is invisible. 😔 This means there is hidden circulation of the virus and it's still out there, unseen and undetected. Anyone can be a victim of COVID-19. Bata o matanda, malakas or weak ang immune system, mahirap o mayaman. You are not invincible. This is why we need to be very careful. Please take care, of yourself, your family and your loved ones. Take care of everyone.

It's just sad that some people died without getting tested because they did not meet the criteria for the test. Some of them died without seeing their test results. 😟 Because some VIPs and politicians, their families and entire staff, who have easy access and power decided they wanted to use it.

A harsh reality but we have to do our part in this pandemic, however small. Last Friday, I made a point of thanking the bank teller at BDO for being there. It wasn’t much, but it brought a smile. :)

A kind word goes a long way in showing our frontline heroes how much we value their efforts, as they continue to put their lives at risk to help the country combat COVID-19.

In this current fight, they are our heroes who stare the disease in the face and do their best to save lives. While we stay inside our homes for safety, let’s not forget the frontliners out there, risking their lives to fight this disease head on. Just imagine the extreme stress and risks they need to bear and face.

I'm glad that each day, more and more selfless Filipinos are stepping forward to offer their support and care to our frontliners. Even President Rodrigo Duterte hailed frontliners who died of COVID-19 as heroes. But I am saddened by the news that several doctors at the forefront of the COVID-19 fight have succumbed to the highly-contagious viral disease. Some of them are public servants, and one of them is my cousin who contracted COVID-19 while fulfilling his duties as a City Administrator of Balanga City.

I deeply mourn the passing of another frontliner who chose to serve the country but lost his life in the fight against COVID-19. We lost a brilliant and promising public servant in this battle. He is our hero through and through.

Photo courtesy of Francis Garcia FB Account

Today, I pray for the frontliners who have died from the virus. May their memory be a blessing to all of us. I pray that they will be the last to lose their lives in the fight against COVID-19. I pray that God will give His protective shield to all our medical and essential workers. I pray that the government will listen and provide them with the necessary budget, personal protective equipment, and precautions.

Also, I saw this Facebook post of KingDavid Javier Agreda, who is super proud of his wife and all the BDO frontliners whose work expose them to greater risk of being infected with COVID-19. It's a struggle for bank employees who commute to work because all public transportation were suspended amid the enhanced community quarantine. But just like BDO Unibank's slogan “We find ways,” they continue to find ways in continuously providing cash services to their clients in these challenging times!

They are not stepping back and have made great sacrifices every day as they work in the frontlines and serve their customers in the midst of this health crisis. They are our bank heroes!

Also, a big thank you to those who are working in groceries and drugstores, drivers, delivery men, and street vendors. Thank you for helping us despite the exposure to the virus.

I also salute the security personnel, police and military who ensure everyone’s safety in this trying time, as well as those in the food and commerce industry and all nurses and other hospital employees. Wherever in the world you are, thank you, our frontliners, for everything that you are doing for the nation.

Let's support these heroes in any way possible, and please stay home. It is the least we can do. We need to stay calm, and help others if we can. Please pray for these heroes too.

May God be with us all. Stay safe and keep the faith.

We will heal as one.


  1. True...This disease brings out the good and bad out of everyone.Still so thankful that lots of people are doing and making difference .Salute to all lur frontliners and even the ordinary people who are helping out those who are in need ��������


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